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Hi I'm Martin Edwards. I signed up on 09/17/98 05:36:33. I love this part of the world and have been to the real Agora many times. My interests are: photography, conservation, transport, languages, and, of course, history. The description of my page is: keep learning right through life. I began to learn Greek in my thirties and now speak Turkish as well. I don't believe in old age.

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Images copyrighted by Historylink and found at their site I was very pleased to find this site, which is free, but asks you to put in a link. You should not use pictures from other sites without checking their view out. In particular do not use pictures from corporate sites. The first picture is of the Greek parliament. The second is Kolokotronis, a nationalist leader from the early nineteenth century. Independence was achieved gradually and the first capital of Greece was actually Nafplio, in the Peloponnesis, not Athens. This will be the main town if you go on holiday to Tolo. From there you can actually get a public bus to Mycenae, which saves a bit of money. Tiryns is on the bus route to Argos.

Getting on the Net is a basic guide. Try it with your kids or, if you are a teacher, with your students.

The Opening to the Agamemnon is my own translation from Aeschylus.

HTML, What Is That, Pray? is a very simple guide to HTML coding. HTML is a markup language (this term is explained) used for writing documents for the World Wide Web. It can also be used for local documents on your computer. You read it with the browser without necessarily logging on to the Internet. Ignore it if you know something about it already. If you don't it just might get you started.

A Basic Javascript Program shows you some Javascript. It is similar to a programming language but you do not need to compile it. If you put the correct script into your HTML, the browser will compile it.

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