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The International Jens Bjørneboe Society

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Dedicated to the Reading and Appreciation of the Works of One of Norway's Leading Literary Artists

Who are the Friends of Jens?
The Friends of Jens are a diverse, international group of Bjørneboe enthusiasts, including educators, translators, librarians, spiritual seekers and anarchists, who wish to promote the reading and appreciation of Jens' work. It is generally acknowledged that Jens Bjørneboe would be as well recognized as Ernest Hemingway or Gunter Grass if he had been writing in a world language. As it is, Bjørneboe remains little known outside of Scandinavia, although he has been translated into a number of languages.

The Friends of Jens currently have two main goals:

  1. To provide an international forum for anyone who is interested in Bjørneboe's work or in learning more about him.
  2. To promote the translation and dissemination of Bjørneboe's works, particularly into English.

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