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Someone got angry because I posted my beliefs on the index page, and I did take it off, but then I got to thinking. Why should I obey someone who is fool, rather than God? So I posted it back. You see, I do not want to see the approval of evil and depravity which would increase if God fearing people are unable to let others on the internet know.

My name is Annette Rose Giesbrecht. I am married with two grown sons whom we adopted as babies. I am of German English Welsh background. I got interested in writing mysteries and suspense in general when as a young girl I used to pour over my father's old Detective and Police Story magazines. I did not start seriously writing until later, being engaged in making a living then being a homemaker, although I did make stories for my own amusement.

I am a member of Winnipeg Grace Canadian Reformed Church which is part of the The Canadian and American Reformed Church. Two sites where you can find Bible references are The Bible Gateway and Goshen. The Canadian and Reformed Church base their doctrine on the Holy Bible,the Apostles ,Nicene and Athanasian Creeds as well as the three confessions written in the Reformation, namely the Belgic Confession, Heidelberg Cathechism and The Canons of Dort. The links are found on the Canadian and Reformed church page. See also Calvin's CommentariesWe have two sacraments,Holy baptism (infants are baptized as soon as able) and the Lords Supper. The services for Reformed Churches and Presbyterian Churches are similar in that they are based on what our Lord laid out (see Acts and the letters of Paul the Apostle )For the information of certain people who would rather see all the Christians off the web and the name of God not mentioned, there is a phrase "If you are ashamed of God and His kingdom". Calvinistic Christians, do not and try not to use certain swear words regarded as not by others in regular conversation. It is also difficult to write them since we believe that we should not hurt others feelings or cursing them. Besides, I am glad that God brought me out of darkness. Should I be ashamed?

A Brief Explanation of the Reformed also known as Calvinistic Faith

This is summarized as TULIP

No one knows whom God has chosen for his elect, that is except the elect themselves, nor the time He chooses, because God imparts His holy spirit as a gift on HIs free will,not on the will of the person asking, for example, that "my brother be saved." It is also the duty to look for and join a church whose doctrine is based on the Holy Scripture. The Ten Commandments, A Manual for The Christian Life

The Hiding Place

I am a mystery writer and fan of film noir movies especially produced by Alfred Hitchcock. I am also a Christian, a member of the Canadian Reformed Church. Details on "About Myself" Page.

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Winnipeg's Shame

Canada unfortunately is a pro abortion country and unfortunately will not make sure a woman who damages her unborn child through drugs, etc. be compelled on getting treatment. This means those child who are mentally and physically damaged as a result will increase.

Now for some other shocking news. A bill to make Same Sex marriages has passedby a narrow margin, through the House of Commons. Not only that, Bill 250-C which will make homosexuality opposition a hate crime has already become law, any opposition (unless done in the confines of a Church or other House of Worship) is considered a hate crime. This means that portions of the Bible opposing homosexuality will be considered hate literature, Romans 1 for instance. For a time, Coles stopped stocking bibles, but now the bibles are back. The Hollywood "We Love Homosexuals more" have nominated a Homosexual movie and it has won the Golden Globe Award, not because of its artistic merit, good production, background, plot, and scenery, but merely because it protrayed the homosexual lifestyle in a 'favorable' light, that is, made the homosexuals look good. There is another television show that also portrays homosexuals as better than anyone else. I will not tell you its name, but there is a book in the Bible with the same title. And we must not forget "Will and Grace" which has a clearly homosexual character. The trouble is that none of these dramas show what two homosexuals do in their bedroom, for if it did, all would be disgusted. Those who write articles condemning the homosexuality lifestyle,stories making a homosexual character the villain of the piece, as well as those schools who refuse to get textbooks promoting the homosexual lifestyle in a favorable light, those who refuse to publish homosexual approval materials or those who will not rent to homosexual couples will be guilty of hate crimes and liable to prosection. I need not add when one man hits another man over the head in a separate incident, and another man hits another man, this one a homosexual, over the head in another incident and in both cases, the victims die, the one who killed the homosexual will get a more severe sentence even though their hatred of the victim was identical. Now in certain provinces, including Manitoba, marriage commissioners must marry homosexuals to each other and if they do not, they lose their jobs. The law says that, for now, ministers and pastors of Christian Churches who are allowed to perform marriage ceremonies are exempt for now. But soon they will try to pass a law making even that exemption illegal. What this means for Canadians, we can only hazard to guess. Remember if it happens to us, it can happen to you. Freedom of speech and thought is dead in Canada.

It appears that Pittsburgh, Penn. is following suite on classifying opposing homosexuality as a hate crime. See Arriests including the whole story which the cowardly mainstream press and radio stations refuse to print.

Good News. The Judge threw out the hate crime accusation. The right to marriage is God given to man and woman in order to create or try to create a family either by natural means or by adoption. Those who are pro homosexual are anti heterosexual. Those who are for gay marriages are against marriages between man and wife. There is no middle ground. Please don't let us follow the ruin of Sodom and Gommorah, Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

The former election the United States had implications for all God fearing Christians. Bush has not supported embroynic stem cell research, has not supported UN's abortion for the young without their parents' concent, nor has he supported same-sex marriages. These his opponent, Kerry, did support as well as proposed a hate crime legistlation similar to what is here in Canada. We have been asked for pray for a God-fearing leader for the States. Now our prayers have been answered. Bush was relected.

As for Iraq, and that American troops are still there, there were times before when the American government supported someone whom they believed was on a democratic path, but turned to a dictator opposing his own people, and certainly torturing those who opposed him. We forget that those countries have a history of strongmen who truly believe that only by force will they get their people to obey. If the troops and espcially American advisers can stay long enough so that the elected Prime Minister can see democracy is better than dictatorship and torture, so be it.


Katrina has devestated New Orleans and the coastal areas of the Southeast United States. Our prayers go out to the victims. It is best to donate to well known organizations like the Red Cross or donate through your church. Please donate because of your compassion,not because of the race, color of the skin,the political preferences, or class system of the victims. Pray that the shipping industry, oil, and gas is restored and people in those areas get decent means of employment instead of having to rely on gambling and casinos for their income. LI> Barnes and Noble Affliiate

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