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Our Members are from all over the world including the United States, Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium,
Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico,
Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Saint Lucia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Zaire.

This site is in the process of being fully redesigned. Our new site with tons more features and trending tables will be available by October 1st, 2001. Join the mailing list and you'll be notifed when the new site is launched. We had hugely successful gains until the market crash in April 2000. Our new site will be dynamic, interactive; much more content and much better! Happy investing.
Do You Trade Stocks? We do! We are momentum traders-not day traders. We track trending NASDAQ stocks and trade in the 1-18 month timeframe. We believe in the old adage: 'Buy Low, Sell High and Don't Let It Take Too Long'.  More Info About Us

One of the greatest values of this web site is the table of Trending NASDAQ Stocks we post nightly. The data presented is based on aggregated totals. We're currently tracking 2000+ stocks... Take a look.


Check out our new article write up on GWRX. This stock has increased +252% (as of 03/03) since being featured here on 12/08.
Quick Study #2 - GWRX Geoworks Corp
Quick Study #1 -
LPTHA - LightPath Technologies (NasdaqSC:LPTHA)

HIGHLIGHTS - We ready to toot our horn. Check out our Top 35 Performing Stocks. We featured them (go to our clubhouse to see the original posts) and they are all impressive success stories.  As of 03/03/2000,

We featured MEDX on 11/16/99 (see post #62 at our clubhouse). Since then the stock has gained +1,622%

We featured SCON on 01/19/00 (see post # 181 at our clubhouse). Since then the stock has gained +612%.

We featured HYSQ on 12/28/99 (see post #118 at our clubhouse). Since then the stock has gained +445%

We featured DSGX on 12/19/99 (see post #106 at our clubhouse). Since then the stock has gained +318%


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We were honored with a second ‘Excellence award’. We’ve received an award from the The International Association of Web Masters & Designers


Our First Award!
We were honored with our first ‘excellence award’ from the nationally syndicated columnist D. L. Dewey (dldewey.com)

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Comments (Jan 4, 2000) - On Nov 30, 1999, the NASDAQ composite tanked –85.2 points. In the next five days, NASDAQ gained +250.7 points (from 12/1-12/07). 

On Dec 14, 1999, the NASDAQ composite tanked –86.5 points. We posted a note on our web page guessing that the market would rebound like it had on 12/01. It did! Whew! We guessed right.   In the next five days, NASDAQ gained +339.5 points (from 12/15-12/21).

Today, the NASDAQ composite tanked –229.5 points or 5.5%. Ouch. According to my calculations, the last time NASDAQ fell near 5.5% was on April 19th, 1999 (dropping -138.43). In the next five trading days, the composite index gained over +306 points. 

Regardless of valuation of stocks, we are in a technological revolution. Advisers who say stock prices are over-valued should consider…In ten years, the world as we know it will be significantly changed by technology.

With the advance of fiber optics, molecular pharmaceuticals, tele-communications, computer technologies, genetics, healthcare improvements, lasers, etc. —there’s nothing but global growth on the horizon.

We see continued growth in the NASDAQ technology and healthcare sectors throughout 2000 and beyond. We expect occasional market corrections; we expect Greenspan to continue raising rates until an economic equlibrium is reached. But, even then, there’s too many good things happening. The market will adjust to the new interest rates and continue upward.

Good luck to all and hope you have a safe, happy and prosperous 2000.

Questions... Comments? Contact us. We're interested in knowing what you think.

Our Portfolios - As of 03/27/2000

We have 235 stocks in our active portfolios. Of these 133 (57%) are winners, 1 (0%) are unchanged and 101 (43%) are losers. Of the 133 winners, the average gain is +82.9%; of the 101 losers, the average loss is -24.6%. Overall, for all 235 stock picks, the average return is +36.3%

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Current Portfolio Returns
As of 03/27/2000

Mar 01-15 Picks....23 Stocks -21.1%
Feb 16-29 Picks....42 Stocks -8.0%
Feb 01-15 Picks....39 Stocks -2.0%
Jan 16-31 Picks....32 Stocks +38.3%
Jan 01-15 Picks....19 Stocks +34.0%
Dec 16-31 Picks....34 Stocks +71.5%
Dec 01-15 Picks....25 Stocks +88.0%
Nov 16-30 Picks....18 Stocks +122.0%
Nov 01-15 Picks....SOLD.... +82.5%
Oct 16-31 Picks....SOLD.... +62.2%

Closed Positions

NOV 01-15 Picks, 30 Stocks, Closed on Feb 18, 2000 - Total Return: +82.5%, More Detail...

OCT 16-31 Picks, 10 Stocks, Closed on Feb 9, 2000 - Total Return: +62.2%, More Detail...

Experimental Portfolio Returns
As of 03/17/2000

The portfolios below are still active. We've not sold any positions. These were our first experimental portfolios. Posts for all of these stocks (date/time stamped) can be found on our bulletin board.
HYBRID Picks.......... 6 Stocks  +116.9%
990928-BC Picks..... 9 Stocks  +158.5%
APR/MAY Picks........10 Stocks +178.6%

Would You Like To See Our Portfolios?


In order to view our Yahoo Portfolios, you must join our YahooClubhouse. Go to our clubhouse and click 'JOIN THIS CLUB' in the top right corner. Follow the instructions to become a member. 

Then... to view these portfolio returns, go to our clubhouse and select NEWS (on left hand side). Click on the portfolio name (i.e. NOV 16-30) and you will see the detailed Yahoo portfolio display with individual returns for each stock. You MUST BE A MEMBER to view our portfolios.

Special thanks to Walter D. in Steger, IL,  Jack C. in Flower Mound, TX, Judy C. in Chicago, IL and Dave M. in Rosemont, IL for their continued support and assistance and to Beth & Anne for their esteemed prognosticating talents...

Welcome Chris Greenwood!

Highlights As Of 03/03/2000
We featured MEDX on 11/16/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 1622.1%.

We featured SCON on 01/19/2000. Since then, this stock has risen 612%.

We featured LMLP on 11/16/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 453.27%.

We featured HYSQ on 12/28/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 445%.

We featured ILOG on 12/08/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 437.31%.

We featured NSATF on 11/16/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 383.02%.

We featured CBST on 12/29/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 326.72%.

We featured DSGX on 12/17/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 318.78%.

We featured LPTHA on 12/13/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 289.74%.

We featured GWRX on 12/08/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 252.88%.

We featured IONN on 12/01/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 243.18%.

We featured TRCD on 11/09/1999. Since then, this stock has risen 232.61%.


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