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John Norris' design and list site

Here I design and store Green, pagan and other pages. The site offers advice and useful links on Web page design. This is also where I host pages for e-mail lists.

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This is one of many sites with an uncertain future on GeoCities following their decision to impose the wretched Watermark on every page, and the reappearance of the Pop-ups (with added Javascript errors) on pages even with GeoGuides.

Green pages and lists

Pagan pages and lists

Design for Access

We all like Web pages to look good. For that to mean anything, we have to be able to see them.

I don't believe the main aim of Web design should be to use the latest technology (whatever it may be - frames, Java, add-ons) to achieve some new effect visible only to those with particular equipment. The main aim should be to communicate with people. That means using accessible technology to create good pages as many people as possible can read. That is what I try to do.

If you're interested in that approach yourself, have a look at my Design for Access pages and their links; more are to be added. If you're more interested in art for art's sake, then I'm afraid this won't offer you much - except perhaps some reasons to think again ?

The Falsework Page

While you're here, please have a look in particular at The Falsework Page, which displays "orphaned" graphics in the hope of finding their authors. One may be yours, or perhaps you know the author ? [This page doesn't offer much without a graphics-capable browser.]

John's other sites

My personal site The Rowan Tree is still not ready for visitors. At times I think it is my equivalent of the novel some people are always writing! However, you are welcome to visit my draft Green Party site as US monitor for The Green Party of England & Wales.

Why "the Seahorse" ?

Because the seahorse is both real and mythical, and both an apparently ill-assorted compilation and well fitted to its purpose. It's an opportunity to use that attractive small graphic, a Dover Celtic Designs drawing coloured by Ashlynn Ward, from her site Ashlynn's Grove. And it's an opportunity to mention that seahorses are endangered species which should be protected.

Good people to visit

Why not have a look at my links page to various organisations and campaigns this site supports ? The only reason they're not on this home page is to help it load faster.

This page was last updated on 1st January 1999.

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