This is the project I completed for my MEd in TESL. It looks at the ways to use the Internet in the classroom.

The Internet in the ESL Classroom

Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Part 1: The Internet

a. What is the Internet? and A brief history
b. Viruses and Copyright laws
c. Why use the Internet and Limitations
d. How to integrate and How to use this guide

III. Part 2: Electronic Communication .

a. Netiquette
b. Discussions via electronic mail
i. e-mail
ii. keypal activities
iii. e-mail activities
c. MOOs
i. what is a MOO?
ii. how to get there
iii. activities
d. Discussion groups
i. what are discussion groups?
ii. mailing lists
iii. student mailing lists
iv. teacher mailing lists
v. usenet newsgroups
vi. activities
e. Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
i. what is IRC?
ii. activities

IV. Part 3: The World Wide Web (WWW) .

a. What is the WWW?
b. A little history
c. Evaluating web sites
d. Activities: Information Based
i. Exploring
ii. Movies and music
iii. On-line books and magazines
iv. On-line newspapers
v. Grammar
e. Activities: Interactive
i. Miscellaneous
ii. Listening activities
f. Teaching resources
g. Making web pages

V. Conclusion

VI. References

Appendix A Teacher Resources on the Internet

Appendix B Glossary of Common Internet Terms

Copyright 1998, Adrienne Paton
All Rights Reserved

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