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"If you stutter, you're not alone"

The National Stuttering Association (NSA), formerly the National Stuttering Project (NSP), was founded in 1977 to meet the needs of the nearly three million children and adults in the United States who have a stuttering problem.  With members nationwide, and over 75 self-help chapters in the United States, the NSA has become an important resource for the stuttering community.  Through its various programs and activities the National Stuttering Association focuses its efforts in four major areas: You can obtain additional information about the NSA and the benefits of membership by visiting their Web site at:

You can also contact the NSA directly by calling their hotline, 1-800-364-1677, by writing them at 5100 E. LaPalma Ave., Suite 208, Anaheim Hills, CA  92807 or by e-mail at

The Kansas City Chapter

The KC Country Club Plaza during the holiday season
The Kansas City Chapter was founded in 1992 by the current Chapter Leader, Rich Schwerdt.  Our first organizational meeting was on August 31, 1992,  followed by the first regular meeting on September 14.

Regular meetings are held the second Monday and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Invitations are not necessary, and we welcome visitors at any time.  The best way to decide if the experience is worthwhile for you is to attend one of our meetings.  Many of our members feel that the local chapter meetings are very beneficial in dealing with the many challenges that a person who stutters faces everyday.  Meeting and talking with other people who face these common challenges provides an opportunity to share feelings and relate experiences that might not otherwise be possible.

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"If you stutter, you're not alone"