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Golden Apple of Eris

Ghurkanist Dissidence

Golden Apple of Eris
of the Jimi Hendrix Discordian Cabal -x- Avoid conflicting Drugs

This originally written on Discordia, the 43th, 3164 e.E. 

Hail Eris,

This text being written by reverend Raymond Lama , Episkopos of the Sociedade Discordiana Brasileira, POEE Chaplin to the Ghurkanist Dissidence of the Jimi Hendrix Cabal -x- Avoid Conflicting Drugs.

Historic: this here Discordian Cabal is a One Man Cabal, at once subordinated, embedded, ruler, helper, fully independent, and heir to the Cabala Discordiana Jimi Hendrix, from Reverendo Geraldo(offsite) . And this dissidence has been created just because I felt like doing it. It turned good, now things are a little slow on the originating Cabal. (It's members are going away from the goddess).

// If you can read this, you know too much.

Where is Goddess:

The Cabal itself is situated in Brazil, and since according to the Principia Discordia writings, the goddess herself had liven here for a couple years, we are urged to preserve the Eschaton, just before something five times as really scary occurs. Imannentization comes to my mind.

There are a couple texts I've written overtime, and I shall scatter then somewhere around here. Most of them are quite more serious in letter then it would be appropriate. But them, they are all in Portuguese, and I don't feel like rewriting any of them. Hail Eris.

There are some traditions, though, that could be worth writing down here. They had originated on the Ol' Jimy Hendrix Cabal, at it's peak of activity, and, as far as I am concerned, had never been told in written form to any one pope, human or cabbage.

First Tradition: The LOCAL COIN

If there is one thing that can really mess one's life up is the need to take decisions, and them have to put them on your own Karma Account. With the five heavens: if there are deities around there, our Lady including, which know what you should and shouldn't do, why don't pass our decisions to them, instead of being beaten over when make the wrong thing?

Our best philosophers, when searching for an answer, and a way out of this, came to the following: every decision is reducible to a single one in the end:
You may:

  • Do whatever you want to do;

  • or
  • Do whatever THEY want you to do.
It's that simple. Go to far on what THEY want you to do, and you are a cabbage, humanhood lost for five reincarnations or five eternities, whichever comes to pass sooner. Go to far on what you want to do, and you are over-toasted Pizza: THEY will cancel your rights to live in society. (not to talk in your Karma Account).

So there is a CHAOist Hodge-Podge relation between these options. So better asking someone better than you what to do in each situation.

The Local Coin is the chosen path to get our answers from the deities. The Local Coin (Moeda Local), is the name we had given to Public Telephonic Operating Coins, for local calls. Here, they are coined apart from money, and have a special design with the word "LOCAL" printed on it.

This tradition just states that, whenever you have to take a decision, you should toss a LOCAL COIN. If it lands with "LOCAL" face up, you do whatever you want to do. If it comes the other side, you do what THEY want you to do. Thus, equilibrium is achieved.

As to the deity governing the face of the LOCAL coin, we could only conclude it was the coin itself. Therefore, each of these coins is Holy, and should be treated as such. Makes excellent material for O.M., when there are cabbages around.

The tradition still states that the Older a LOCAL Coin is, the wiser it gets. Most of us have got 1980-81(e.V.) coined Locals. Reverend Stanton had once seen a 1979 one, and Jackie had the opportunity to spend a 1971 e.V.(!!!!!) LOCAL Coin for no motive at all.

Second Tradition: The ANIMAL LUNCH

Human race, even with cabbages slowing it down, had the opportunity to achieve quite a few conquests in it's s restless quest for civilization. That we are farther from achieving it than our monkey ancestors apart, it's a fact that we have some privileges those ancestors had not.

To become aware of some of these privileges, we fashioned a Discordian Ceremony that would reduce us to our primate state for a few moments, in (dis)order to contrast it with our current level of civilization, for that we could see the progress made in the last 100.000 years or so.

It's a simple ritual: It's a lunch, consisting of roasted chicken (whole) and oranges. The other materials needed are something to separate the chicken from the ground (ok, not needed, but we use it anyway. Seemed a minimum necessary to preserve health), ant the party for the lunch. Nothing of silly things like dishes, forks, knifes, glasses, or the like. The idea is to stack the chicken and start eating bare handed. Participators are forbidden of speaking except while munching.

When people are finished eating, and had made the needed washings, the idea was they would feel the benefits from "civilization" and truly appreciate their legacy from most recent ancestors. Well, after a couple o issues of this ceremony we've noted it worked backwards, therefore concluding humankind mistook the civilization direction a couple million years ago.

The Other Three Traditions: Of course there are 3 more traditions to complete five, but we don't know witch they are by now.

That's all, popes.

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