Having great fun and getting a chance to encourage the exchange and sharing of ideas on a number of fanciful topics is the purpose of these pages. We're thinkers as well as doers, experienced in a number of life's passages, and advocates of "try it before you judge it after you've thought carefully about it." There is no way of assuring right or wrong and risks are inevitable. Since the strength of reason is all we have, we have to rely on that. Good reasoning requires good information and an opportunity to deal with this information in some depth. Using as many sources as we can garner is thought useful.

That's our goal! Can we help to make it yours?
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Recreation, leisure pursuits, and enjoyment of the good life through sailing, boating, and on-the-water activities is covered in The Captain's Maritime Frolic. Join the Captain and his crew in their exploits and adventures close in-shore, on the open sea, and among the island folk.

Dr. J and the exceptional dialogue gives a chance to explore a myriad of topics related to self-discovery, more meaningful relationships, motivational processes, learning strategies, educational goals, and better ways of determining how to get important things done. The intent is to improve our thinking and the results we get.

Some of the best ideas come out of the natural and spontaneous words of children. eKids Speak is the opportunity to listen to some of this as well as enjoy the humor, honesty, and forthrightness that ensues. We just might give you a glimpse of some really fascinating kids doing wonderful and exciting things!

What are some of the basic, positive thoughts that have endured over the ages? Are there implications for improving our lives today? GA and the Archangels examine this with an always ready eye out for what you think. Explore with them.

Suggestions for guiding self-thought processes are given in the HELP, I LOVE ME! manuscript and the Self Coaching Self Taught series manual. Many excellent sources are promoted by the writers as containing quintessential answers that aren't found elsewhere...or maybe they are! We leave the readers to decide that.

The Management Analysis looks at topics related to organizational and individual psychology, the personnel, career, and occupational fields, and many of the practical management, business, and public relations aspects facing lots of us today. The educational, training, and management consultants with the PRA*GROUP, share their expertise and materials which you can adapt to your use and application. Check them out for further details.

Examine some writings that point out simple things that could aid your quest to inner peace and harmony in Countdown to Happiness.


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