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The RRRGroup is a small contingent of MidWest guys who are engaged in the arts and media mostly. (We'll supply photos upcoming.)

And they publish things (newsletters, web pages, books, et cetera) which are opinionated and arbitrarily intellectual. (Not intelligent necessarily, but in an intellectual vein.)

For instance, they've published a pamphlet entitled "The Biblical Paradigm for Homosexuality" which seems to "prove" that God is gay, or as the boys prefer, God was (and is?) homosexual in nature. (These fellows believe that God is Dead but not in the metaphorical Nietzschian sense; He's actually dead: no longer alive, beyond moribund, the epitome of get the drift.)

Also, the RRRgroup has a tract outlining the only books that one needs to read to understand the all of life. And the books are few in number. (We'll be listing them here shortly.) But the primary book is Melville's MOBY DICK, the only book ever written, aside from JOB in The Hebrew Bible, that clearly defines the nature of God.

(Melville's Billy Budd, Foretopman delineates the battle between Good and Evil while his Bartleby the Scrivener fully explains our existential dilemma.)

And in the arts, the RRRGroup favors classical music, with Beethoven heeded as the greatest composer of all time, but Schubert potentially greater, had he lived longer than his 31 years. Chopin and Mahler are terrific, as is Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, the greatest musical work ever created. (But more on this later, here.)

For the painterly arts, the number of monumental works that outgod God in their creativity will be accounted at this site, with reproductions (of course). And from literature, we'll provide excerpts of the most meaningful and/or profound works (which exclude, certainly, things from Tom Clancy, Stephen King, et al.).

The greatest philosophers are Plato, Thomas Aquinas (really a theologian?), and Schopenhauer. (We'll mention others too, such as Jean Paul Sartre.)

As for psychology, no one tops the great Freud, even though Carl Jung comes close. (All others are bottom feeders.)

Then there is Quantum Mechanics/Theory, which shows exactly how undeterminate our existence is. (And with God dead, and Jesus/Christ catatonic, Quantum fills the bill, along with Melville's scrivener, when it comes to "explaining" just how goofy this creation is...and has always been?)

So, this is the prelude to our web page here. If you have suggestions or some vituperative remarks, send them along. (You see the e-mail address there, don't you?)

Finally, let us quote from Ecclesiastes: "Vanity of vanities, says Coheleth, all things are vanity."


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