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My Site (Its features)
    The Master G's Music Page.
    The Master G's TI-89 page.
    The Master G's Quotes Page.
    The Master G's Disclaimer.
    The Master G's new psychology.
    Pictures of the Master G's friends and the Master G

Contact me
    You can send the Master G e-mail to or IM the Master G on AIM or AOL as French Horn G or Nasty Gav.  If you want to link to the Master G, use this image:
If black doesn't work for you, contact me, and I'll change it.  The image's background I mean, not Mr. T's skin.

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Outside Links
Name Description Rating (out of 5 stars) Link
J.M. Smith My friend's web page, it could stand for some updating every once in a while. 4 and a half. Click here
The Ham Republic Another intentionally funny web site. 4 and a half. Click here
C.H.E.F. (Committee to Help Elect Fidel) An intentionally funny web page.  The Campaign to elect Castro as president in 1996. 5. Click here
Art Bell One of my favorite radio talk show hosts. 5. Click here
Duckism My own pseudo-religion that J.M. and I made up. 3.5 Click here
Gavin Another Gavin's web page.  Not only do we have the same first name, we also have the last name!  He even lives in Michigan, like me.  At least we're in different grades! 4.5 Click Here