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My interests are:

good books (especially children's and young adult literature), education (I have taught all the grades from third through junior college, and I am currently teaching algebra, English and biology at an alternative high school: Sanpete Academy), horsemanship (especially dressage), writing, gardening, and my family (a husband who puts up with all of the above, and our two sons).


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"If you want to do a thing, you must first have a complete desire to do that thing. Then go to kindred spirits - others who have wanted to do that thing - and study their ways and means, learn from their successes and failures and add your quota. Thus you may acquire from the experience of the race. And with this technical knowledge you may go forward, expressing through the play of forms the music that is in you and which is very personal to you." - Robert Henri, as quoted in My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok.

Horses & Horsemanship Links

Utah's Electronic High School - to look at the Horse Management classes, click on "course catalog", navigate to Horse Management I or II, and then click "preview course".

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