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Please scroll down. the description of each item is in the same order as they are listed in the ad (updated 12/19/2005):
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1. Tall oak rolltop desk ($690) click on this link or scroll further down
Cherry Items:
2. Cedar chest ($135 purchased@$280)
3. Cherry wardrobe ($735 purchased@$2800 on sale from $3200)
4. Sauder entertainment center ($135 purchased@$450 on sale from $680)


5. Oak barrel legged table
AND 4 matching chairs ($735)
6. Pine grain hutch pantry ($712)
7. Singer treadle (ca.1898-1906), mint cond. ($712-works great)
8. Cannon ball Brass bed ($210)
9. Wilson (ca.1929) Upright piano ($2325)

Other items :
10. Leaded glass window - ($67)
11. Black leather recliner chair (like new, $90 purchased@$220 (recently))
12. Easy Rider Exercise machine ($80)
13. Corner oak fireplace frame ($157 purchased@290)
14. The dog (scroll down to the bottom)
More: Schwinn Continental 19 inch racing bike 10 speed - $50 OBO
2 man Wilderness brand alpine pup tent - with outer shield - is also free standing, as well as stakes ($25),
Wedgewood items- Peter Rabbit cup and saucer, blue wedgewood trinket box
Signed or numbered prints (M. Bertrand)
dishes, pots/pans, cake decorating items (hundreds of tips, pans, molds
cast iron pans & pancake iron,
cornbread and dinosaur molds (in cast iron!)
Husquavarna Viking 6690 sewing machine - $490 (was $2100, extremely powerful machine, running $500 on ebay and $600-$700 in stores)
Prices are approx. 20%-$40 what we paid, except in family antiques.

----- Begin individual item listings -------

1. Tall Rolltop desk (Riverside Furniture): $ A beautiful addition to any office. As pretty from the back as the front, beveled glass doors. Rare that the entire set was purchased. This holds A LOT of books. The extra top unit adds beauty, storage. This unit makes a GREAT ROOM DIVIDER. Not shown is the back plate where your legs go - it is oak also - makes the desk "solid" from front to rear (we have it "open"). Computer cable pass throughts are removeable with brass protectors. Parallel cables for printers can also be passed thru. Hidden compartments and big drawers and roll top lock with key. Phone/modem outlet. Drawers have ball bearing sliders that allow drawers to be pulled fully out. Desks start at $1200 & hutches $300 - so finding this new will be a challenge. Purchased in '93. comes in 6 easy to move pieces. Only the hutch may take two people

Back to top Size: height: 6ft 3in.;width= 58 inches;depth= 30 inches

2. Cherry Cedar chest- - Lane : great as end of the bed bench or as a coffee table, this is an incredibly simple smooth classic piece fits many styles. Has brass wheels and brass corner protectors. Key and papers inside. Keep woolens free from moths. Not chunky like many chests. This is a solid wood unit - hence the weight is lighter than particle board - cannot find anything but solid wood on this chest. Has steel (not rubber/see discounts) gasket, to last many years. Has lid brace so lid can stay open and provides safety. Purchased in '91

Back to top Size: height: 17 in.;width= 38 in.; depth=17\9 in.

3. American Drew Cherry Wardrobe or Entertainment center : want to hide the TV in the bedroom? This is it. Stunning wardrobe, Excellent quality beveled glass with no distortions. Has internal power outlets, 4 shelves, holders for rod, vents for TV/electronic heat. A nice 3 in 1. I cannot find any particle board on this unit, all but the back (so you can break out the heat vents and electrical) seems solid cherry. Mirrors allow full body height viewing. Brightens any dark room. '93. These units usually start at $2400.

Back to top Size: height: 7 ft; width=42 in; depth=20in

4. Sauder Entertainment Center : lots of space for your entertainment equipment. Has wheels. This was a $600 unit 1999-2000 purchased on sale for $450

Back to top Size: height:52in;width=70in;depth=20in

Antiques: (Most over 100 years old)

5. Cornish oak barrel legged table and chairs approximately 110 years old - originated in Cornwall, UK, Wales- was in a Pub for coal miners, hence the deep black color. Dark oak.Very easy to disassemble (no screws), in pieces less than 10-15 lbs. Very easy to move in almost any car. This can expand to a larger size - 6 feet and is inherently tough, but it was made in a time where and when people were much smaller. Suitable for smaller people or a small - long and narrow space
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size: unexpanded: 30 inches X 42 inches Size: expanded - each leaf is 12 inches, and pulls easily out from the ends - very clever invention

6. pine grain hutch pantry - This turn of the century piece has the original glass. There are two drawers, two glass doors and left bottom: doors with 2 shelves, and on the right the grain bin - tips out.
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size: height: 74 in(6ft 2in); width= 39in; depth= 17in

7. Singer Treadle - mint condition - all original books, needles, and accessory box. Works fine - you can try it out - it is threaded and ready to go - great for the youngster - much easier when I was 8-12 years old - to use the treadle than the electric sewing machine. Has only been with 2 people -and was NEVER outside, in the garage or barn . This is the (1-800-4-SINGER) AND THEY DATED THE MACHINE TO JULY 24, 1898. THIS IS A MODEL 27 Anniversary model - the Pharaoh or Egyptian/Sphinx design. This is an outstanding machine.
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size: height: 29in;width= 36in;depth=18in

8. Cannon ball Brass bed . (Head board shown for ease of photo-
The foot board is part of this set. We use both for headboards - for 2 beds.
This is a queen size so must be less than 60 years old. This is a very classic pattern - simple but elegant. Not too flashy, yet not plain either. The patina is slightly, but consistently mottled, we like the antique look.

Back to top Size: queen or full - head board: 60 inches wide, 53 inches tall
footboard: about 3.5 feet tall

9. Piano- Upright Mahagony (700lbs), beautiful work of art - very pretty PLUS outstanding tone, purchased and used by professional pianist. All keys work, some damage from recent move (extra ivory included), soft damper moves main mechanism but does not dampen (we think). If you look closely at the top, there is a high quality mirror there - about 7-8 inches (allows you one last gooming before sitting down to the keys). Piano weights 600-800 lbs, Cast iron string frame with birch (I think) sounding board. No bench, bench shown is from sewing machine- . From the "e book of Pianos": "Wilson pianos and players are manufactured in the large and well-equipped factory of the Waltham Piano Company, at Milwaukee, Wis. The Wilson Piano fills the need for a well-constructed piano which can be marketed at a reasonable price and which is at the same time a reliable and durable instrument, which will stand the test of time and wear and has durability, excellent tonal qualities, artistic case designs, durable finish and has enjoyed an excellent demand which is constantly increasing.>\"

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Size: height: 56 in; width=64 in;depth=27


10. Leaded Glass Window or wall hanging ($90/see discounts): this will add sparkle to any wall or window it is hung in. we use it to cover the fireplace opening. Handmade. Solid OAK FRAME.

Back to top size: 23X23 inches

11. Black leather recliner chair (like new): We moved and Dad never had a chance to use this - in fact, it has not been sat in more than 5-10 times. This is a medium or smaller size - light weight - I (a small woman) can move it - disassembles very easy. Because of it's light weight nature, not suitable for huge people or extremely rough use.

Back to top size: height: 36in; width= 27in; depth=36 in

12. LifeRider (by Healthrider) brand Exercise machine ($80/see discounts) - counts calories and gives workout repetition information. This is for low impact, good lung workout - fully body, gentle exercise - great for waking up and stretching in the morning. This tends not to put strain on the knees nor impacts like a running machine. Gives same workout to back, legs, and arms. Tends not to build up sweat, but that is individual. Great for swimmers, skiiers, bikers, (but not runners, body builders, weight lifters)
Back to top size: height:40 in ; width=42in ; depth= 33 in

13.Oak Fireplace Surround ($210/see discounts)- electric insert not included - for corner - hang your stockings here! - has set of realistic like logs - and some real ones too! You can use candles or wax logs. Great for Christmas. $210
Back to top Size: height:43in;width= 48; depth= 34-36
( depending on where on the diagonal you measure.)

14. The Dog: $800 (OBO) - AKC Dachshund puppy, well trained, knows commands, crate trained (does not bark in crate) and wee-wee pad and leash trained (great for apartments or being left a long time.), Born June 15, 2005, all shots- APPROX 4-5 MONTHS. Name is Libby. Has license. We can't take her with us. We have two, and we feel we can part with the puppy. Size: 7 lbs, 6 inches high, moderately cute, deep black tipped long hair very shiny red. :(
Libby, well, Libby looks like Wylie the Coyote in the Road Runner Cartoons