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This is our house for sale or lease (see restrictions below **) on 4 acres!! Please drive by!!
Secluded, private, quiet... or if interested in purchase: or email us at the above addresses, we have just the house, FOR APPOINTMENT. Legal ASSESSED value is $193,000 (96,000x2 = SEV), recently appraised by Bank One at $205,000 MAKE AN OFFER !!!

House is an approx. 90 X 28 foot long ranch:
Update: 2009 assessment SEV 74K location is at 2727 Tozer - Tozer parallels Burnside Rd. and Main St (m90) but begins/ends at various locations-so this section of Tozer is between the North/South roads Jones Rd/Fish Lake Rd.

per Deerfield Township the house is "2000 sq. feet" (not sure where they got that from!): but here is the square footage broken down as:
- 1460 sq ft. on the upper level,
- 1460 (unfinished) on the lower (basement is full and 8-9 feet or 13 blocks
high with little obstructions, and none lower than 7 or 8 feet., unfinished)
-14X16ft (unfinished) breezeway - separate from house
- and Garage (unfinished)30X24 (we get 4 compact sized cars in or 2 mid + 1 compact) number of cars is dependent on size!!! -open to Breezeway
Total unfinished/finished/+attached garage sq feet:3856

-Zoning is R2 - unlimited agricultural (no limit on horses, goats, etc) and recreational. There are 2 stairs accessing the basement - inside and via the garage. Area is secluded with little or no agriculture, pesticides, the water and air are clean and great. Pen area with fencing and shelter for animals. 3 car garage (30 X 24). 10X10 out-building with mower, negotiable. Quiet area.

All appliances, frig (water and ice makers), oven, maytag dishwasher, washer and dryer : all are optional, Airconditioner ready furnace, but window airconditioner which can cool house, also, are negotiable. There is a lot for the money here. Lots of room for a barn. Good schools (North Branch).

For leasing note: - considering 1 month security depost ($1200) + $3000/6000 earnest money to hold purchase price of $168,000-$175,000 - 6 month hold/1year hold, and the definition of earnest money is that it is lost if contract is not fulfilled for any reason) - Leasees may not make changes to the house.
Only leasees who put a deposit to purchase may bring pets onto the property
(including tanks of fish, outside cats, horses)
- all pets must be negotiated, no caged/terrariums/tanks of animals in the house
- leasees must care for house and repair as they were the owners
- one tank deposit on the LP (gas) tank required, to Al Parsch Fuel (Imlay) - no illegal, unethical activities
- no smoking in the house, including guests (you must opt to buy if smokers)
- no animals loose in carpeted areas, some fencing/cattle panels provided
- any modifications made must stay, even if leasee's pay.
- grounds must be cared for by leasees
- if you opt to buy, dogs must be penned or leashed until purchase is complete -dogs may not run free. - credit report will be run, references needed, must prove satisfactory income level- you must have the credit and income to lease this home - property is 4 acres 330X550, but 2 acres will be reserved by owner on west side of property for RV trailer. - some flexibility offered for qualified buyers and renters
The house is a 1992 model, New Century Horizon, it has was put on this property in Dec. 1996 (it's final inspection date) and occupied 1 Jan 1997. It was lived in for about 1.5 years while waiting for this property to be readied (warning: permits can take a long time in Lapeer). House is cream (but yellowish- Sunshine White a subtle yellow cream) with white shutters. Total time it was lived in is 4 years. John Deer rider mower could stay with house so you can mow fast. Furnace and water heaters are new and under a 5 year warranty from March 1998. ** LEASE RESTRICTIONS: no pets, no smoking(leasing option ONLY for buyers, with reasonable downpayment, $1200/mo + 1st and last months rent+300 cleaning deposit)- lotsize: 330x528 feet location: (between Fish Lk. Rd. and Jones Rd),just past Oldani's.

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