The Nairobi National Museum Database

    As part of an ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society) course, which I am doing in my IB exam, a requirement has been to implement a project. My project idea was to computerize the Nairobi National Museum, which currently has the problem of a lack of visitors as the museum is, i'm sad to say, "Boring!!" So, my idea has been to implement a project in which the museum is to be computerized. On each of the computers, there shall be a database that holds information on each of the articles at the museum, and shall have a user-friendly colorful system with pictures, videos and text.
    I made a demonstration of the program on a program known as Hyperstudio, which is a bit like Powerpoint- in that it is a presentation software.
    On these pages, you will be able to see images from the program that i created. You also have the option of downloading the whole demonstration program if you have hyperstudio. Otherwise you can get a taste of what is to be made through the images presented.
    If you have any suggestions as to how the program can be improved or if you would like to continue to update my project and possibly implement it, please do not hesitate to contact me at