Activities for October - December

Activities organised by GAM

The activities for the months of October  - December 1999
3 OCTOBER  A site visit to the megaliths at Iklin and Ta’ Raddiena, will be followed by a tour to Santa Margherita Area l/o Mosta and cart-ruts near Mosta Fort.

Meeting Place:- Lija Belvedere (Tower in front of church )at 2.00 pm

24 OCTOBER  A walk to the San Niklaw cave settlement, Razzett tax-Xjaten, Mellieha Bypass tombs and the extensive system of cart-ruts in the area including a pair to be found at Ghadira Bay.

Meeting Place:-  Mellieha Church at 2.00pm

28 OCTOBER Mr. Emi Farrugia and Mr. Joseph Caruana will give a talk entitled "Underwater World War I/II wrecks around the Maltes Islands".

Meeting Place:- British Legion, Melita Street, Valletta at 6.30 pm

7 NOVEMBER  The group will visit il-Qala tal-Pellegrin to see the cart-ruts, the megalithic remains and the remains of a Roman building.  If time permits there will be a visit to the Kuncizzjoni Temple

Meeting Place:-  Mgarr Church  at 2.00 pm

21 NOVEMBER  The cart-ruts and punic tombs at Mtarfa will be visited after a tour to the St. Agatha catacombs and the medieval chapel at Sancir.

Meeting Place:-  Roman Villa  at 9.30 am

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The group is planning to publish its own journal in the near future. If you wish to contribute any articles or photographs of significant archaeological interest you are kindly requested to contact the group by e-mail.

Press Release

The group issued a press release in August urging the authorities concerned to protect and conserve the Ghar ta’ L-Iburdan site in the limits of Rabat. GAM had visited the site on 11/10/98 and things appear to have gone to the worse since then!

Other activities not organised by the group

World Tourism Day

All the Museums will be open on the 27 th September as part of the activities organised for this day. You may take this opportunity to visit free a number of archaeological sites and museums that we have on our islands.

The Inquisitor’s Palace, St. Lawrence Church and other places of cultural interest will be open on the 25 - 26 th September as part of the Birgufest.


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