Activities Summer 2000   


Due to the hot summer months prevalent in the Maltese Islands, GAM activities will be kept to a minimum for the coming months and will resume in late September. We are more than willing to receive suggestions from members of the group regarding possible sites that may be visited next year.  The group is currently in the last stages in organising a lecture on the Nazca Lines of South America for August. Further details will be communicated in the next newsletter.
Excavations at the Wignacourt Museum will resume during the coming months. Interested members who wish to volunteer are invited to give a helping hand in this work. Work this summer will probably involve a different catacomb this time. We are informed that from further work done by the Museum Authorities the bones of an infant were retrieved from the loculus and the adjoining soil ‘heap’ identified during the work performed during December last year. The adjoining picture shows the place from where the bones marked by an arrow (Picture taken before GAM started its work).   

Once again we had an invitation from Nature Trust to attend boat trips organised to visit the coastal areas around the Maltese Islands. These boat trips will take place on the 9 th and 30 th July. Further details may be obtained from Mr. Orland Bonavia

Looking Back

During the past ten months the group participated in a considerable number of activities. Six press releases were issued, two public activities and four public lectures were organised. Excluding sites visited during the Victoria Lines and January walk, fourteen archaeological sites were visited during this period. The group participated in the excavation a catacomb at the Wignacourt Museum and some members abseiled into the "Qabar tas-Sinjura" to survey this curious monument for future studies.

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