In a caring and supportive atmosphere we’ll welcome you with friendship and trained pastoral care. Through lively worship, good music and relevant preaching, we put people in touch with Jesus Christ. Children are embraced within the loving environment of our Youth Ministry. We support the modern day family as they lead their demanding lives. Fun, fellowship and support enables you the family time you’re seeking.

Times have changed. So have we.

Knox Acton is still a place where you will find a friendly , welcoming atmosphere where everyone is quick to learn your name. But we know that your needs have changed even over the last ten years, so have ours.

We've gone to a more lively worship., addressing everyday matters as well as the deeper puzzles of life. All in a positive and encourage way. So no matter what life challenges you face, we are there to offer God's words and teachings to help you.

We have many organizations and ministries that address the questions we all ask about God and life.

Explore our site and learn more about us.
Then, when you're ready, join our community within Knox Acton!

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