Hi My Name is Stephen.

Sorry, but this page really is not up to date - too much "real" work to be done...

I was looking for a geocities neighborhood that includes "modern" American folk music, but couldn't see a good match. I am thinking that it is closer to poetry (as listed in the Athena description) than "grunge", as listed in the Sunset Blvd. description. I have lots of other interests, so I suspect this page will be somewhat eclectic.

As I finally get around to updating this page, I see that there is more technical that art content, so I should probably be looking to move to a new neighborhod...

Email me at from.yahoo-s.to.kimo[AT]spamgourmet.com if you would like to contact me. (It might take a few tries - I am pretty much buried in unsolicited email these days. (Sigh...))

Oh, in the meantime, if you want to relax a bit, take a look at this picture of a small lake at sunrise.

Time to start doing something with this page. How about a link to my music page.

Puzzle Links

Or my Linux page (as of early 2007, I am just getting started with Linux)

E-Punching for Orienteering.

Some Technical Tips

How about the Timex Data Link USB watch?

Looking to adopt a pet, take a look at Petfinder.com

Notes and links for an Intro to the Internet class (very much out of date...).

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