Becoming Mountains


Deb Lachinski has Masters degrees in Counseling Psychology and Metaphysics, and holds religious specialty Doctorates in Religious Humanities, Religion, and Metaphysics. She is an Ordained Minister, is Nationally Certified as a Hypnotherapist, and is an initiate--aspirant and adept--in 15 mystical societies. She is the founding President and Grand Master of the International Association for Spiritual Consciousness (IASC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Anchorage, Alaska. She has enjoyed being a student of life and invites all fellow students of life in forums on healership dynamics, physics, scriptural study, meditation and yoga, and mystical living.

She has worked diligently to understand her own life challenges and has healed naturally from severe active rheumatoid arthritis. In the summer of 2000 she underwent open-heart surgery to have two damaged heart valves from an early childhood disease replaced by mechanical devices. As a scientist herself, she has always been an avid supporter of modern medicine, but has understood that the beginnings of modern day medicine is an outgrowth of ancient spiritual medicine. She looks to the spiritual doctrines of the East to explain the mechanics of today's chemistry and physics found in astronomy and atomic physics.

Her vision in healing combines the wisdom of the East with the academic tools of the West.

In the last six years Deb has devoted full-time energy toward scriptural study, development of knowledge and skill, meditative practice (mind, breath and body), and facilitated workshops and sessions in the healing arts--all contributions on the path to Divine Wisdom.

The following is her Bodhisattva ceremonial vow dedicated on April 19, 1998 at the IASC/Taoism Center for Wellness in Anchorage, Alaska, at the closing of a Tibetan Buddhist Lama presentation entitled, "The Way of the Bodhisattva: Peace and Conflict Resolution Training":

"To all sentient and non-sentient beings, I honor the Divine in all. I acknowledge my spiritual teacher as the Divine Universal Spirit that has guided me from the beginning and throughout all my lifetimes. I dedicate my life to reducing suffering in the world and vow to train an army to help me."

It is my responsibility and honor to share with others the merit I have attained through many lifetimes of study and application. The resulting karma is as if a memorial gift from the past. Throughout the ages, I have worked and suffered great trials, and the lessons learned have returned as wisdom in this very auspicious lifetime. The challenges of this lifetime have each contributed to these past-life memories. As a result of serious meditative self-analysis, I have found myself lovingly in the business of mentoring to others natural self-empowerment in order that they may bring meaning and purpose to their lives and into the lives of others. IASC programs include the recognition and development of natural abilities in humanitarians--whether an aspirant or adept, and foster continual growth through internship programs. Many people come to Alaska without family and become isolated and alienated with no one familiar nearby. Our interns become the familiar for them and bring to them the "electricity of life" (H.P. Blavatsky).

My priorities as the founding President of the International Association for Spiritual Consciousness (IASC) are placed with sincere aspirants of the healing ministries and heading the many volunteer programs. All donations received for any lectures, mentorship, appointments and consultations, are directly donated to the IASC to support the expenses of running a Center. The IASC is designed so individuals are inclined to support self-development through the Center programs and various practicums. Mentorship is completely individualized to address all levels of spiritual development. There are seven degrees of spiritual initiations leading to adeptship, and a final mentor degree as Grand Master. The more advanced degrees are individualized depending on spiritual mission or ministry. Each degree of spiritual consciousness development brings the aspirant closer to merging wholly with the Divine, or Mind, to do the work of the Bodhisattva, the Karma Yogi of the new millennia. The underlying mission: to foster development of the guru within in order to understand suffering throughout humanity and ecology.

Housing Goals

The IASC has the wish to attain property or build and sustain a large healing center in Anchorage, Alaska. Currently our Center space is 1500 square feet. It is the wish of the community to develop a 24 hour retreat facility. In order for our growing holistic and spiritual community to receive continuous healing opportunities and training in Yoga, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Qigong Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki, Qi Healing, Sacred Hermetics (White Tantra) and many other energy and spiritual dynamic modalities which bring balance to the human physical condition, we will need a sizable facility.

Since February of 1996 we have held 8 Holistic Cancer Retreats during weekends without overnight accommodations. Our goal is to provide the seriously diagnosed with holistic health options (preventive and maintenance) to adjunct conventional medical treatment programs. There are numerous IASC Fellows and Sorors/Fraters of the Divinity Ministry prepared to administer all programs.

Holistic Wellness Programs

Since the spring of 1998, the IASC has had volunteers at an Anchorage senior residential facility, an adult day care center, and Providence Hospital (Nursery Intensive Care, Pediatrics Intensive Care and the Oncology units). The healing touch of ethically trained humanitarians can bring light to many individuals through the world.

Current programs emphasize ethics in healing touch and humanitarian efforts utilizing Eastern and Middle Eastern pain management methods. Individuals empowered by participating in these programs are encouraged to share these natural healing methods with the seriously diagnosed, persons in hospitals and individuals needing emergency care. The touch of humanity is ultimately the medicine that heals what ails us, we are the best machines ever made to give mindfully and divinely from the heart.

Link to Natural Healing Methods: Dimensions of Spirituality in the Meditation and Healing Arts

IASC Fellows

These supporting members desire to promote the overall mission of the IASC humanitarian goal of selfless service to others in need. They offer skills and talents of a non-denominational or spiritual nature. They function as archive and grant researchers, grant writers, publication specialists, telephone receptionists, tour guides, and/or property and maintenance supervisors. Their main focus is on the operational aspects of the IASC and related charters/centers.

IASC Fraternity/Sorority Divinity Ministry

Being annointed into the Divinity Ministry does not require an individual to change religion nor are individuals encouraged to do so. We are an attunement/empowerment path that brings enhancement to the dogma to which one is already dear. All members can relinquish membership status and renew membership, or rather come and go as they please; active status requires monthly documentation in our Fraternity/Sorority division. For more information on the F/S Divinity Ministry, the mentorship program in the healing ministries and the Master programs, and/or the supervised Leadership Program please request by e-mail.

The Order of the White Rose

Attunements and initiations are given with accompanying documentation of membership status. Each higher level initiation recognizes greater integration of the Divine Universal Spirit. Upon full integration, the individual realizes a natural urgency to live a long, healthy and prosperous life as a refined vessel for healing. "Grand Master" is the highest vibratory attunement in terms of spiritual initiation in the Order of the White Rose. Individuals are invited into the Master program when there appears to be a progressive interest in living the life of a mystic. Throughout mentorship the aspirant writes a journal on personalization of the manifesting divinity.


The entire program is based on integrating the ancient mystery teachings with Einstein's Quantum Physics (dimensions of healing), the Theory of Relativity, magnetic balancing for enhancement of electrical attraction, and affirming the Divine Universal Spirit as the regenerative aspect to bring the body to it's healing potential. My work involves lecturing on longevity and prosperity principles—a process of combining the wisdom of the ancients and the creation of the Universe, with the generative process at the subatomic level (our Genesis II program-6 days of healing and manifesting, 7th day rest). Through the combined theories of ancient mysticism and modern day quantum physics, the humanitarian can effect change through the wisdom of healing touch, and community service performed in correct thought, word and deed. Individuals interested in attending local and state-wide forums should either e-mail the Center or call (907) 344-5533. Individuals interested in private mentorship via the Internet in the mysteries leading to IASC Fellowship status, Divinity Ministry assignment and/or induction into the Order of the White Rose should e-mail the founder at These candidates will essentially bring IASC into the various regions of the world. The IASC Leadership program mentors individuals in non-profit and tax-exempt organization start-up and these individuals may continue as a Charter of the IASC or begin their own service programs based on self-initiated talents and skills.

The Karma Yoga Lineage

In addition to attaining adept status in the ethical application of humanitarianism or philanthropy through the diverse categories of membership, the individual is eligible for the IASC Leadership Program in the International Association for Spiritual Consciousness, Inc. Under this program, Masters practitioners prepare to head chapters of their own and develop programs specific to their interest in service delivery of a humanitarian nature. In addition, an individual who chooses to begin his or her own organization may receive continued mentorship under the IASC Leadership Program.

Four Manifesting Vows for a Karma Yogi

"Therefore thy task prescribed with spirit,

Unattached gladly perform.

Since in performance of duty,

Man mounts to his highest bliss."

--Bhagavad Gita, Chapter III, Karma-Yoga

[[[ ]]]

"To perfect the two accumulations, I give the body, spendor and wealth of all my lives to the three jewels."

--Tibetan Buddhist Mantra of the Vajrayana Buddhist Lineage

[[[ ]]]

"…My soul as Thy spirit to perform Thy holy works."

--Paramahansa Yogananda

[[[ ]]]

"Father, throb through my heart and make me feel

Sympathy for all living creatures.

Kindle in me the flame of Thy wisdom

And burn the dark forest of my mundane desires.

Let Thy reason be the preceptor of my reason.

Think through my thoughts,

For it is Thy magic power

Which uses my mind as Thy mind,

My hands as Thy hands,

My feet as Thy feet,

My soul as Thy spirit to perform Thy holy works."

--Paramahansa Yogananda

[[[ ]]]

Meditations from "The Breath of Tao" by the Deb Lachinski

Empathy builds a residual atmosphere around us; healing others.

The empowered soul is touched by the eternal whisper.

Our soul is guided by a source of quality.

Listen to the silence of each moment.

Within our physical self lies powerful soulful strivings.

Cultivating benevolence produces benevolence, progressively.

Our undeviating soul has reflective grace.

Following and gathering are the soul’s desideratum.

Tao’s Birth and end is itself and spiraled.

Ultimately, we teach by observing and follow as we guide the soulful path of others.

To obtain a copy of "The Breath of Tao" e-mail Deb Lachinski.

Discourse on Eternity

by Deb Lachinski

I have an excellent spider story to tell you… This weekend at the Center, I attended a Tibetan Buddhist workshop with Lama Lisa Leghorn on "The Way of the Bodhisattva: Peace and Conflict Resolution Training." I discovered my biggest delay in any work I do is "time." There is not enough of it. It’s as if in every precious moment I can experience an eternity, but each precious moment I experience an eternity slips away! During my ceremonial vows on Sunday evening during the closing I made a commitment that is very dear to my soul. Again, my vow was so incredibly huge that I will definitely have to live 2000 years to make it happen. Once again, I experienced the Nature of Mind during the final day of the workshop and it has stayed with me oh so subtly. I was showering Monday and had this uncontrollable and very depthful sobbing experience—the Nature of Mind continued to bathe my heart with a message from the teacher within. My mouth began to speak through the cleansing process, "There is not enough time."

During the weekend I had mentioned that I had many teachers (the same teachers the Buddha had) while the Lama was saying that basically, in no uncertain terms, we all need a spiritual teacher to guide us. A woman had spoken up and said she enjoyed the process of learning from many different teachers. The Lama said that it is like going around the mountain and spiraling up—it takes an eternity to get to the top. I spoke up and said that when I was 19 I attempted to climb Flat Top Mountain here in Anchorage and at that time I was so crippled by arthritis (and weighted a very thin 102 lbs) that to climb the mountain was supposed to be impossible. I was destined for a wheelchair, but I always resisted the doctors messages of warning. When I spoke I said that I had never made it to the top of the mountain by going straight up, but only about half way and then had to slide down the side of the mountain to get back down due to the excruciating pain. I couldn’t walk another step. I simply couldn’t move my body. It hurt to breathe. I realize now that any mountain is only as big as our mind projects it to be. Over the years I have been looking at the mountains and not really understanding my passion for them. Subliminally, they have been speaking to my soul--in order to get to the top of the mountain I would have to "become the mountain." I have been becoming mountains ever since. That is what healed my body from the arthritis. Someone would tell me something that was nearly impossible for anyone to accomplish, and I became the resistance.

Thus, when I got out of the shower, I stood there a moment. I saw movement on the ceiling. The spider was running away. I told it to "please stop and listen a moment." I said, "I know you were listening to my dilemma. I will need an eternity to complete my vow. Teach me the secret to eternity." The spider stopped and waited. In just that instant, I attained clarity.

"I must become the moment."


The Karma Yoga Lineage

© 1998 Debra Lachinski for the I.A.S.C.

The following are the possible attunements/initiations that come with mentorship in the healing mysteries. I say "possible" since you may not choose all methods that are available. Although, the continuous growth through the empowerment of attunements and the ability to build your resources, is highly recommended. The Order of the White Rose has seven attunements, Metaphysician 1 - 7, which is four attunements beyond the initial attunements of, for example, Reiki I-III, and Feng Shui I-III. The 7th degree of initiation is Master Metaphysician. The final 8th degree of initiation is Grand Master. Along with achieving Master Metaphysician membership status in the IASC, a paper is required to receive the 8th or Theosophical Degree (Grand Master) of initiation [theos (divine) and sophia [wisdom]). Upon receiving these final attunements you may gain permission to teach in your area of spiritual expertise. If you have achieved any attunement(s) or initiation(s) in any natural healing field, mail a copy of your attunement recognition and we can update your IASC membership status in the Order of the White Rose (and Sanctum Studies--see below) and then begin working indepth from there. Should you decide to begin at the very beginning, there are videos, audios, and/or manuals which accompany some programs.

Home participation for the initiatory process is entitled, "In Spiritu Sanctum: The Divinity Mysteries," in short: Sanctum Studies. Members write on specific qualities that are associated with the initiatory attunements. If members are not able to attend on-site lectures on the various healing methods due to distance, the IASC can arrange to bring a workshop to your town or you can choose a workshop that is being offered in your area and receive follow-up mentorship via e-mail or regular post. Your spiritual progression is a natural process and after you reach the final stage of attunement and initiation, your application of the Divinity principles is completely natural. Beyond the final initiation is potential for mentoring spiritual aspirants in your area (location and area of expertise). This brings the opportunity of earning a significant return on your spiritual (karmic) investment and at the same time supports our goals to bring forth spiritual consciousness in those we are intended to reach.

Summary of Attunement/Initiatory Cycle of the Order of the White Rose

Special Workshop presentations: Varies with title; generally, 1st through 3rd degree attunements.

Reiki Master Attunements: 1st through 3rd degree attunements.

Feng Shui Master Attunements: 1st through 3rd degree attunements.

Sacred Hermetics: 1st through 3rd degree attunements.

Healers’ Forum I: Reiki 1st and 2nd degrees attunements.

Healers’ Forum II: Reiki 3rd degree attunement.

In Spiritu Sanctum: The Divinity Mysteries (Sanctum Studies): 1st through 8th degree attunements through home participation. Sanctum Studies offers a wide scope of individualization in speciality area since it is most prominently self-study, and has been designed specifically for IASC members outside of the Anchorage area.

The Order of the White Rose is based in Hermetics (Egyptian; Emerald Tablet), Chaldean (Middle Eastern) and Qabalistic Mysticism (Old Testament), Pythagorean (Sacred Geometry), and Vedic Hindustan (principles of healing vibration), plus additional applicable theories and ethics which came later, i.e. Esoteric Buddhism, Taoism, Confucism, Christianity, Sufism, etc.. These very early theories of vibration are the foundation in which spiritual therapeutic touch, and Mind healing or healing the Self, is based. Some believe they are the inherited principles of laser technology devised by the Atlanteans. The difference between the Order of the White Rose and the programs taught in academics is clearly the attunement or level of spiritual vibration of the practitioner with regard to ability to express healing capacity.

What you choose for concentration is up to you, and the program can off-shoot in many directions to include Tarot, Runes, Self-Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy) for Past Life Regression, Dream Interpretation, Astrology (Vedic, Tibetan, Western), etc. Each path is a natural path of unfolding spiritual consciousness. And each one of us has his or her own path specifically attuned to this lifetime. Achieving communion with the Divine is individualized beyond description.

The Order was founded to speak to and hear the inner vibrational healing journey of the soul. The name of the White Rose alone stimulates spiritual consciousness. You will see as we go along how by stimulating (vibrating) the soul into awakening the physical body from it's sleep that insights, mystic and psychic abilities improve tremendously. The 4th and deeper dimensions become clearer and readable. This is the ultimate healer, the Master Metaphysician--one who knows the deeper passions of another's soul and is able to prompt their spiritual progression. This is the modern mystic for the New Age, but most importantly, for now. In other words, we will have to know the secrets of ancient mysticism in order to be able to help people understand what is happening with them spiritually as we approach the energies (electromagnetic) of the coming Age, and those already presenting challenges to our spiritual and soulful evolution.

Eternally Yours in Divinity,

Deb Lachinski

Grand Master

The Karma Yoga Lineage

Ordained Divinity Ministry

Order of the White Rose

IASC Fellowship (non-Ordination/non-Practitioner status)

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