Tho+ Ti`nh Cho.n Lo.c

Tuo^?i tre? la` mu`a -du*o*.c la`m ra cho nhu*~ng nie^`m vui, the^' ne^n ye^u -du*o*ng la` bo^?n pha^.n cu?a chu'ng ta. -- John Gay


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poppyThe following poems have been submitted by poetrylovers like you :

Tie^~n DDu*a - Tra^`n Tu`ng
Tho* ta(.ng Ngu*o*`i Trong A?nh - Vo^ Danh
Ti`nh che^'t - Le Hoang
Co' em - Thua^.n Va(n Pha.m
Chi' Nam Nhi - Mai Gia'ng Kie^`u
Giao Nghi~a - DDo^~ Anh Thu+
Chuye^.n Bi'ch Ca^u - DDo^~ Anh Thu+
Ho.a "Thi Khu'c Buo^`n" - DDo^~ Anh Thu+

bu*o*'m va` hoa

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