Here is Divine Mystery---

Have You Seen Her Before?

The Sistine Chapel, the Art, the History, and the Restoration, Harmony Books, NY, page 143.

Yes, You Have Seen This:


And Yes, You Have Seen This:


 But Why Have You Never Seen This?


Divine Wisdom ( Sophia ) with the Father”- painting by Michelangelo-
The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel, Vatican, Rome

Supporting Documentation-

 Yes, you have heard this:

“In the beginning God made the heaven and the earth.”
( Septuagint, Genesis I: 1 )

 But why have you never heard this ? :

“When he ( God ) prepared
the heaven, I ( Wisdom ) was present with him; and
when he prepared his throne upon the
winds: and when he strengthened the
clouds above; and when he secured the
fountains of the earth: and when he
strengthened the foundations of the earth:
I was by him, suiting myself to him, I
was that wherein he took delight; and
daily I rejoiced in his presence continually.”
( Septuagint, Prov.VIII: 27-30 )

Yes, you have heard this:

"Sing of Mary, pure and lowly, Virgin mother undefiled."
(Hymn 117 The Hymnal 1940- Episcopal)

But why have you never heard this?:

"...insamuch as God, by one and the same decree, had established the origin of Mary and the Incarnation of Divine Wisdom."
Pope Pius IX- Bull Ineffabilis- 1854

"Both in her Offices and in the most holy Liturgy the Church hath been accustomed to apply to the creation of Mary the language in which the Holy Scriptures set forth the Eternal Generation of the Uncreated Wisdom, and that, because Mary was predestined in the same decree of the Incarnation of the same Wisdom."
Roman Breviary, December 10, Third Day within the Octave of the Immaculate Conception, Second Nocturn, Fourth lesson from the Dogmatic Bull of Pope Pius IX.

And Why Have You Never Seen This?

Painting of Mary, the Incarnation of Divine Wisdom-
Kiev,19th century. Patriarchat, Moscow.
SOPHIA-MARIA, A Holistic Vision of Creation, by Thomas Schipflinger, Samuel Weiser, Inc., Plate 22, page 130.

 This is a “ Divine Mystery ”

This web site asks the question why over the centuries has the mainstream Christian church largely ignored the Divine Feminine ?
One can understand that Jesus inherited the gifts of the Divine Feminine, but why has much of the established church tried to hide Her truth ?
Because Divine Wisdom has touched my heart, and guided me to a series of biblical passages, this makes me ask the question why has Her existence been mysteriously obscured?
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