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Extra Terrestrials and the Bible

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Creation vs. Evolution

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1 Basic ChristiantyWhat does God's Word say about my salvation?

  • 2 Do Christians need to be Baptized?
  • 3 What is the the second birth? Do I need to be born again?
  • 4 Can I lose My Salvation
  • 5 What about the Trinity, does the Bible teach it?
  • 6 Portraits of Jesus as He is Pictured in the Tabernacle
  • 6a Preparing for the Final Exams
  • 6b What does the Bible say about Extra-terrestrials?
  • 6c God's Provision for Y2K!
  • 7 Why does God allow bad things to happen?
  • 8 Evolution and Christianity, can both be true?
  • 9 Discipleship basics for those who disciple.
  • 10The Fear of the Lord, by John Bevere.
  • 11Toward a Renewed Mind, by Dr. Richard F. Gottier

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