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Hi Welcome to the homepage of Caerwen Books, the family business of Kim and Lee-Anne.

Clairvoyance and Astrology:

My (Lee-Anne) passions are A Course in Miracles, Angels, Aura-Soma (Self-Selective Soul Therapy), astrology, quantum physics, Indigo children, Crystal children, meditation and clairvoyance.
Clairvoyant readings since 1997.
Clairvoyant reading: $30.00 Australian
My clairvoyant readings will be honest and not in any way researched on the net.

My belief is that we are all clairvoyant, psychic or telepathic to one degree or another, all that is required is the right way of accessing the gift. This has led me to use meditation groups as a means of helping people to access their own inner gifts. Psychic gifts are available through many different skills including clairaudience (hearing), automatic writing, clairvoyance (seeing), psychometry and mediumship.
Note: Everyone is able to be in touch with the spirit world, Higher Self, intuition but not everyone is a Medium such as John Edward or Alison. Mediumship is a more refined skill, one that involves seeing and communicating with souls who have passed to the other side in almost tangible detail. This is not my personal gift.

Astrology readings for Indigo and Crystal children are my area of interest.
Please note: These are very individual and each reading takes me over a month to complete. As I am still learning I wish to charge a price that reflects my novice status. There is a lot of time and effort put in and I have a backlog of at least three months from September 2006, so if you are interested please order and I will email for payment when I am finished. Also, I need time of birth, date of birth and place of birth for each client.
Astrology readings: $45.00 Australian (if sent via email) $55.00 if posted within Australia. $65.00 if posted internationally.
Astrology charts will include a report of up to 50 pages including colour, angels and crystals.
All I need is the place, time, day, month and year of birth.

If you wish to have an astrology chart and/or clairvoyant reading please contact me at Caerwen by email.

You can pay for your clairvoyant reading or astrology chart through the following methods: Paypal, Paymate, major credit cards and direct deposit (within Australia only).

Caerwen Books our internet bookselling business, is run by Kim and myself through booksites such as ,, and Book and Collectibles.

Kim collects and reads books written by Captain W E Johns, author of the Biggles books. W E Johns's other books include the Worrals and Gimlet stories. Biggles is in the aviation field (flies planes as an ace in WWI etc). Kim has a great deal of expertise in the area of Biggles and the other W E Johns books. Our Biggles titles alone number near to 200 in stock.
Caerwen Books' speciality is children's books with other areas of expertise including The Chalet School books by Elinor Brent-Dyer, the Abbey Girl series by Elsie Oxenham and Enid Blyton.

You can find us on ABEBOOKS.COM

If you wish to order anything please email us at Caerwen Books quoting the book title, author and the site where you found the book. We are also happy to help with wants lists.
We also sell on the auction site.
Search for us under the seller ids of caerwenBooks. Ausauction is a great free to list site and it's Australian!!


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