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It's not that Christianity has been tried and failed; it's never really been attempted.

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My Questions and Answers Webpage
This is where you'll find your questions and my answers!

Mexican Mission Trip Webpage and Photos
This is where you'll see the pictures that I took when three members of First Baptist went to Reynosa, Mexico for a week of missions doing home building and Bible School.

My Frivolous Webpage
Just For Fun!

Desperate Preacher's Site
Where I go for inspiration

Christian Start Page
Loads of Christian Links

American Baptist Churches Homepage
This is my denomination's Home Page--the American Baptist Churches/USA

Pastor Gordon's Questions and Answers

I invite you to check out my Christian Questions and Answers Webpage to see what types of questions I have been answering. My educational background is in the discipline of Church History, so your answers will have a strongly historical bent, rather than a particular theological slant.


Pastor Gordon

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