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Last Update ~ January 22, 2001
Don't you just hate it when one of "your" websites shuts down? There's always that stupid "This page is closed" message. You want to kick the webmaster, and then you want to kick yourself for not saving all the useful stuff that was on the site.

Unfortunately, Blue Dreamstone is gonna do something like that...yep, we're officially shutting down production and going into Attic Mode.

ATTIC MODE lets you still look at all the old information, but it just makes sure that everyone knows this site isn't regularly updating anymore.

So, why are we attic-ing up? Well, there're a few reasons...too busy, too tired, lack of motivation, etc. That's the thing about web pages; you can only update it so much for yourself. You have to have a responsive audience to keep you going.

Ah well. It was fun while it lasted, and thanks to everyone for being patrons. See you next webpage.

- Mykaelus
Blue Dreamstone Webmaster Emeritus

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"Sometimes, you just have to say goodbye..."
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