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Hello, I'm Emily. Welcome to my little piece of the web. I'm 24 and I'm a forever (literally!) senior at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. I'm not exactly sure when I'm graduating. It's a long story. I've been enrolled at Stockton since the fall of 1999, so hopefully I'll graduate eventually. I'm majoring in Communications...when I finally get there.



I was just hired by Wawa as a CSL. It's a full time managemnet position, and I actually really like it. It's not a long-term career option, but it'll work until I graduate. In my spare time I enjoy writing fiction and poetry, listening to all kinds of music, surfing the 'net, talking on the phone, reading, sewing and hanging out with my friends.




I have a wonderful fiance' named Ben. I met him at Stockton. We just became engaged this past February on our third anniversary. We're currently living together in our first apartment in Pa. He has his bachelors degree in Computer Science, and graduated in the spring of 2004. He's currently working for the Wawa corporate office in Media, Pa. in the training and development department.



My best friend's name is Liesle. Liesle and I have known each other since 5th grade, and we became best friends in 6th. So that's what, about 12 years we've been best friends. We've been though a lot together, but we've never had a fight, or hardly been mad at each other. I'd be so lost without her.




Ben and I are hoping to start our own business, Internet Hallway. It will be a web publishing company, focusing mainly on bringing the power of the Internet to non-profit organizations who can't afford the high price that other companies offer. We also will do pages for your personal or corporate site. Check out our website for more information.


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