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Ethiopia is a country in North East Africa. Typical of the North East part of Africa( which includes Egypt and Sudan)Ethiopia had its monumental civilization. Historians have been debating the origin of Ethiopians for a long time now.Most historians seem to agree on one idea though, which is that Ethiopians are descendants of South Arabian Semites. Whatever their origins Ethiopians have been the focus of historians, ancient and present. Let us see some facts which puts Ethiopia in the historical spotlight. Modern anthropologists think that humans originated in Ethiopia. This idea was made even more plausible in 1978 when a team of archeologists unearthed the skeleton of a prehistoric ape-like creature in north eastern Ethiopia and it was declared that the missing link between humans and apes were found. The fossil was given the name "Lucy" by Dr. Donald Johanson the leader of the team and and is also popularly known in Ethiopia as "Dinknesh" which in Amharic, Ethiopian language, means "Thou art wonderful".Another aspect which puts Ethiopia into the focal point of the beginning of the world is the mention of the river "Ghion"(Nile) in the Book of Genesis in the Holy Bible. In the Bible it is written that the river "Ghion" circles the land of Ethiopia. This fact brings the notion of the Biblical " Garden of Eden" near Ethiopia.To back this theory up many historians seem to agree that the Biblical " Garden of Eden" was probably situated near the Red Sea, which had been playing a big role in shaping up Ethiopian history.
Nowadays there are even more radical ideas about the origin of Ethiopians and their past deeds advocated by historians (amatuer and profesional alike) such as Graham Hankok, Tony Smith and Bauval who go as far as explaining the possibility of the Abyssinian( Ethiopian) Highland Civilization could be the same as the Giza Civilization that gave birth to the Egyptian civilization as it is known today. The way this historians explain their theory is quite intersting and also somewhat plausible. These two historians base their argument on geographical issues that might be a good environment for the rise of the Egyptian civilization. The reader can explore this ideas by refering to the actual written work by going to " Nile Lakes".
Having covered all the scholarly speculation, let us move on to what History and archaeology say about Ethiopia (Habesha). Click on the the title of your choice.


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