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Wow. It's been so long. I've been up to all kinds of things, and this aparently hasn't been one of them. I can't believe how much I've changed since I started this!


There's someone else here! Goodness, where did you come from?

Ah well, I suppose it doesn't matter. And who am I, you ask?

Well, my name is Jill, among other things. This page is mostly a bunch of writing (poetry, stories, my life) that I did years ago, although looking back, I guess some of it is newer than I thought. You could say it's getting a major overhaul, if I wanted to be lazy and like everyone else who has a website, and that you might not be able to access some things. If something doesn't work, I'd apreciate you telling me, because I am not as quick to bust out with my HTML skillz as I used to be.

And because it's the thing to do...

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So, still here? Well then, a little bit about me. Like I said, my name is Jill. I like writing (duh!) and swimming, and am a fan in a big way of water polo, especially as a women's sport. Big news: I have a significant other (you can thank my last one for my looking around here again) but go ahead and bother asking. I'm off at college now, but fear not, I can still get e-mail! If you already know all about me, go ahead and look around, I can only hope you'll like what you see.

Okay, well, here's all the stuff so far, and again, I'm sorry if it doesn't work, I'm still in the process of checking everything out to make sure that it's relevant, interesting, and most important of all, me.

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