Col. Jonathan Bagley's 3RD Mass. Regiment

Members of Bagley's 3RD Mass. at Ft.Ticonderoga '98.

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The French and Indian War would lead to British domination in North America. In 1755 the American Colonies of Great Britian were called upon by the British Parliment to raise Provincial Regiments to serve in the war. French troops along with their Indian allies were attacking settlements and expanding their grip on territory in eastern, western and northern lands also claimed by the British. Gov. Shirley of Massachusetts moved quickly to raise, equip and train the required troops and put them in the field.

Research indicates that this Regiment fielded approximately 450 men composed of 8 companies of about 55 men plus the Regimental Staff.

In 1755 the 3RD Mass. served with Sir William Johnson in the attempt to take Ft. St. Frederic. In the battle at Lake George that resulted from a provincial reconasiance running into Baron Von Dieskau's troops that were sent down from Canada, Col. Moses Titcomb was killed and Lt. Col. Bagley took over command of the 3RD. After the battle, Johnson had Ft. William Henry built. The 3RD provided much of the labor and Bagley was in command of the fort that first year. During the years of 1756 and 1757 Bagley's men served at Ft. William Henry and Ft. Edward providing much of the carpentry and boat building labor. The year 1758 saw Bagley's participating in the attack on Ticonderoga. 1759 and 1760 brought Bagley's into the northern theater at Louisbourg.

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