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       Hi! I'm Ann Gatti, and I teach fifth grade at "Charles M. Burke Elementary School" in Duson, Louisiana. I am what is commonly called a "late bloomer." :) I was a secretary for sixteen years, a housewife with children for six years, and when I was 41 I decided I wanted to teach school. I graduated from The University of Southwestern Louisiana in May of 1995, and I taught sixth graders for 4 years. As you can see, I border on being compulsive, neurotic. :) As such, when I finally discovered the Internet a few years ago, I amassed a collection of bookmarks. If I live until the end of time, I won't have time to use everything I've found on the Internet. It is my desire to share some of these sites with fellow educators. I hope you can find something you can use.

       I have a few passions in life. I love Jesus Christ, and could not make it through a day without His presence in my life. I love my husband of twenty-eight years. He still makes me happy to be alive. I love my children. My daughter is 23 and is the Accountant for OrionCase in Lafayette, LA. She married Steven Dugas on December 1, 2001, and they are expecting my first grandchild (Dakota Paul) on December 2, 2002. They also have Steve's two daughters--Taylor, 5 and Ashley, 3. My son is 21 and works for SECO Industries, Inc. I love Michael Jordan. He is the epitome of a modern-day hero. I love my students. Each and every one of them has given me a new perspective on life.

       So there you have it!! My life story in a couple of paragraphs. I hope you enjoy your visit to my site. If you don't mind, sign the guestbook while you're here. I would really enjoy hearing from you. :)

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