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The purpose of this web site is to provide a resource for High School, College and Adult students. There will be an expanding list of links organized by class subject areas such as math, english composition and literature, social studies, foreign language, etc. Links are also offered for colleges, reference materials, search engines, employment, vocational training, and online courses and degrees. We also provide access to a private chat room where students can interact. Please check back periodically as we are constantly adding to our list of helpful websites. Please email me with any links that you think might be useful to our target audience - students.

Gambu Sherpa

English Science Math
Social Studies Foreign Language Reference Mtls
Employment Museums College

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination
Email Ivone Larson

Out and About, Shopping, Travel Vocational/GED Online Learning/Degrees

Sonoma State University


Maps & directions

Lake Tahoe Community College

Calif DMV tests

US News - Best of the Web

Western Nevada Community College


Wells Fargo online banking - TV listings and more by zip code

Stan's radio

Help & How To for computer hardware and software

Road Conditions

ShareBuilder - start investing now


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Learning Skills Library Online - note taking, studying, remembering, writting, tests/exams, etc. All students can benefit from this site. Save time and learn better.
Get StarOffice - It's as good as the Microsoft Office Suite and it costs a lot less.
The Reference Desk - the single best source for facts on the Net
COSHE's Reports - free term papers, essays, and reports + lots of cliff notes, books, and resources for today's student.
Research Tools: used by TV and Newspaper Journalists worldwide.
Inference FIND Tired of trying different search engines to track down some online info? Inference Find does a parallel call to a variety of search engines, removes duplicates and groups the hits. And it really works. Great Books Online - "unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge"

Search Engines

Yahoo! Excite Google Lycos HotBot


Northern Light MetaCrawler Snap Altavista Go LookSmart
Direct Hit Inference FIND Ask Jeeves all4one WebCrawler

Colossus - International directory of search engines

Other Search Engines
 Lots of them!

Other Homework Help Sites

BJ Pinchbecks - The best homework help site I've found

College Homework Resources From A to Z
MSN Homework Help Resources

High School Hub
- academic resources for high school students
SparkNotes - online study guides - written entirely by Harvard students, past and present
Homework Central
My Homework Helper
StudyWeb - "Links for Learning"
Awesome Library -
"14,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education." - The Education Network - for sstudy and research
Jiskha Homework Help
Encarta Homework Help

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