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We decided to take the best and worst of Yo Mama and throw them up on the this Wold Wide Web Page from Geocities. There are over 400 jokes here for your laughing pleasure. If you know anyother "Yo Mama Jokes" and don't see them in here, please e-mail and we will be putting your jokes on the web. We have also added a link page for you to check out.  This will also be updated daily.  PLEASE, DO NOT COPYThank You. 
It's taken us years to come up with some of this stuff so if you've heard it, it was probably true. If you haven't heard it, it's time to use it on somebody. Just because we needed to make this place look bigger, we broke things down into the following catagories:
Yo Mama's So..
All of the Yo Mama Jokes In One
Bald/Hairy Jokes 
Dark/Dirty Jokes  
Stupid/Dumb Jokes 
Fat/Big Jokes 
Misalliance Jokes 
Nasty Jokes
Old Jokes
Poor Jokes
Short/Tall Jokes 
 Ugly Jokes
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