"Truth isn't always beauty, but the hunger for it is."-anon

Lancelot and Elaine from Tennyson Childrens Stories 1904

Once upon a distant time when days were long and free,
fairy tales and madrigals were shared on land and sea.
They spoke of simple pleasures, the far-off dreams of youth
that carried us on wings of hope to shining isles of truth.
We fought our dragons to the death and rescued maidens fair ;
romantic legends, strong and pure - those castles in the air.

Childhood has its memories, they linger in our mind -
images both far and near, that years can't leave behind.
Lofty hopes we built on dreams once helped us love each day
as special, rare and precious - a gift not thrown away.
The innocence and beauty we held within our hand
took flight before we knew it, from castles made of sand.

Now we face a different time and sense the tides of change
as though we saw from long ago a future bold, yet strange.
Inside our haunted castles we search to know just why
fantasies once held so dear have vanished in the sky.
Down each dusty corridor, traveling through the past
looking for that simpler time when wonder seemed to last.
And yet, with every detour fulfillment lags behind -
clinging to those memories just keeps our hearts confined.

A few brave knights and maidens have overcome the fear
that dragons of confusion now breathe in every ear.
They look toward a future where childhood has returned ;
where evil is defeated, and love alone is learned.

Painful is the process that changes what we know
from unfulfilled remembrance, to faith that helps us grow!

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