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bd04912_.wmf (16086 bytes)Welcome to our cyber class! I created this web site to be an active part of my Language Arts class at Palm Springs Middle School in Hialeah, FL.  Students can use this site to find valuable class information such as classwork & homework assignments, make-up work, resources for further study, samples of student work, and much more.  Parents can also access the site to find out more about what's going on in class this year.  So, log on & surf the links as we progress virtually through the 21st century on Cruz's Cyber Class.

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  • Farewell Message to whole PSM 8th grade class:  First of all, thank you.  This has been my best and most memorable year of teaching & I owe it to you.  As you go on to high school, I just want you each to remember a few things...  Know who you are & love that person.  Know your goals & strive for them.  Know right from wrong & think about your choices.  Finally, know what makes you happy & keep that in focus.  If you can do these things, I truly believe that you will make your future as wonderful as the past year has been.  I love you all dearly & I will remember....     Peace.  Mr. Cruz

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  • The Language Arts Links to the left are your main link points to information regarding activities in our class.


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