Stovall's Brigade Awards Page

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Greetings Branden,

I would like to thank you personally for your work in remembering Stovall's Georgia Infantry Brigade. Your work is important in keeping the history, heritage, and honor of Stovall's Georgia Infantry Brigade alive and well. You have put a tremendous amount of work into this site. I know most of us who start these sites find it's a never ending project. Keep up the fine work you have done. Below is the html for the graphic and the link to the Recipient's page. Just upload the graphic to your server and paste the html were you want it and that's it. Once again thank you for a great site.


James Stump

Infantry Regimental Site Award

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Josh Blair  wrote:

I recently visited your site and defiantly believe it deserves recognition.
I enjoyed the great graphics and the wonderful information provided at your
site. You should be very proud of your accomplishments and keep up the
wonderful work. I am proud to present you, The Home Of Stovall's Georgia
Infantry Brigade, with the Civil War Site Of Excellence Award.

Very respectfully yours,
Josh Blair

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gia-win.jpg (33042 bytes)Golden Infantry Award   

Dear Sir.
Your site is very well done. Thank you for preserving the past on the Internet.
If you would like to place the Golden Infantry Award to your site? I would be
honored to add your site.