I started this site back in early 1998. I had just gotten online, and started discovering many new and wonderful things to be found in cyberspace, including help finding answers to questions that had been burning in my mind for many years. I haven't found all the answers, by any means, but I have learned many things, and formed many opinions.
The point of this site is to share those learnings, and opinions with others.
To that end, I continue keeping this site, improving it (I hope) expanding it, and hoping that I'm providing something relevant to the people who come visit it.

To that end, I would like to ask that you remember this:

I am sharing my opinions, and beliefs, not trying to challenge yours.
I believe in Freedom of thought, Freedom of religion, and Freedom of speach.
I am simply excersizing my rights to those Freedoms.

Shall we begin?

In today's society, religion is one of the major causes of discrimination. Christianity seems to prevail in this, but other religions have, not only the right, but the need to be heard, and recognized as equally valid.
It is not my intention to convert or enlist anyone, however, in the interest of tolerance and acceptance, I certainly do advocate education.
On these pages are some of my favorite links which may be useful in researching alternate religions in order to gain some of the education you may have been missing.
It is my Belief that Education will lead to Understanding, and Understanding will mean tolerance and peace.

That is my Hope.

--Rhiannon, Moon's Daughter

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