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Have you seen this stone?

This is not one of the seven wonders of the world, but it is the largest megalith known to man. Located in the Beqaa Valley, 85 kilometers from Beirut, this phenomenal stone is estimated to weigh nearly 1200 tons. No modern machinery could support this weight. The dimensions of the stone are approximately 68'x14'x14'. For more images of the megalith, download
stone1.jpg and stone2.jpg.

This megalith was hewn from red granite, and is still attached to the bedrock. Other stones of equal grandeur were quarried in the same location, and carried over half of a mile uphill to the "Grand Terrace" of Baalbek, Lebanon.

The Grand Terrace

Notice the 2 men in the center...

The foundation of this magnificent terrace is approximately 5 million-sq. ft. in size. Three colossal stones, known as the Trillithon, are the larger of the the many visible megaliths in the terrace walls. They measure over 60 feet long, with widths of 12 and 14 feet. For more images of the Trillithon, download
Terrace1.jpg and Terrace2.jpg.

Many Roman Ruins still stand on the platform, but the site is far older than the Roman Empire. Even the Sumerians refered to Baalbek as ancient. Today, we have no idea who built it, nor do we know how, when or why it was built. And unfortunately, our scientific community has ignored Baalbek. For example, check out the tremendous waste of time funded by PBS and NOVA, regarding
the construction of Stonehenge.

I urge everyone to learn more about Baalbek, and to pass on what they have learned. We live in an era of increased knowledge, and we must take advantage of all available information. Imagine what could be discovered if more scientific brainpower was devoted to the study of Baalbek and its construction... Recently, the area has been unavailable for study. Baalbek is being used as a terrorist training camp, and has been bombarded by numerous rocket attacks. Maybe, someday, no one will be able to distinguish the greatest achievement of mankind from a war zone.

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