Grains of Salt

This site is dedicated to the application of the scriptures in our daily lives.

Wonderful Time To Be Born
Air Cover-Prayer Cover
All Season Comfort
Being Patient
When Daddy's On Deck
The Damaged Wood Miracle
No Greater Call
Feeling Down At The Top
Follow the Leader
The Most Vulnerable Spot
Fragile Stickers
Stubborn Heifer
Like a Snowflake
Mountain Top
Name Living
One is More Than Two
Summer of Rotten Fruit
Running Away
Show And Tell
Spiritual Digestion
The Dirty Hands Detector
The Plumbline
My 13 Articles of Faith
Spiritual Vitamins
Little Signs of Something Big
Author's Bio
Save the Birdies Critique

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This is an anti-twinkie faith promoting fiction allowed. Read the Official Word from Elder Jeffery Holland. "When crises come in our lives--and they will--the philosophies of men interlaced with a few scriptures and poems just won't do."

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All applications are true to form as they apply to the word of God found in the scriptures. The scriptural applications and doctrine are meant to be in harmony with the teachings of the Holy Scriptures, and are not intended to represent official doctrine of a particular organization. Copyright BMWILLIAMS. Permission to reproduce this material is automatically granted on the condition it will be used for non-commercial purposes, will not be sold, will not be propagated as official doctrine of any religious organization, and will be distributed for the sole purpose of teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, the application of scriptures in our daily lives, and for the expanding the gospel throughout the world.

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