In the U.S. Civil War

At St. James Cemetery in Stroud Ontario

Three Warnica men fought in the American Civil War, Joseph Gottlieb Warnica , Joseph Gottlieb Warnica Jr. and Charles Manson Warnica.
Joseph Gottlieb Senior moved his family to Michigan to join in the Civil War. Both Joseph and his son Joseph Gottlieb Jr. joined the Company E , 1st regiment, Michigan Engineers and Mechanics core and built bridges for the army. Joseph Gottlieb Sr. Went missing from a Nashville hospital never to be seen again. Joseph Gottlieb Jr. returned and moved his family to Kansas where he died on Dec. 9 1907 - 5am, from left sided paralysis at sixty four years of age.
Charles Manson Warnica , son of George Frederick Warnica
, at the age of fifteen, walked from Barrie to Detroit Michigan to join in the Civil War. Charles joined the 15th regiment of the Michigan Infantry Volunteers, in place of Clark Knowland who was drafted for service. His fee to replace Mr. Knowland in the war was $269.70 .
Charles Manson Warnica was pronounced dead due to Typhoid Fever in the Louisville
Kentucky General Hospital on June 25, 1865 at the young age of 16 years, 21 days.
The Warnica family, brother John Lyon Warnica and sister Abigail Warnica, paid $270.05 to have Charles Manson Warnica reinterred at the Stroud , Ontario St. James Cemetery on
September 7 1865 .