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  1. What is CASCADE-IMEI stand for ?
  2. What is RME ?
  3. Who is Freudenthal ?

What is CASCADE-IMEI stand for?

CASCADE-IMEI stands for Computer Assisted Curriculum Analysis, Design and Evaluation for an Innovation in Mathematics Education in Indonesia. This study is builds on the previous studies namely CASCADE (Nieveen, 1997), CASCADE-SEA (McKenney, since 1996) and CASCADE-MUCH (since 1997). Each CASCADE system provides supports in the form joba aids, learning possibilities and communication tools for curriculum developers, teachers and student teachers using computer technology. CASCADE-IMEI is trying to extend the previous studies by provide all of the support using the Web site.

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What is RME?

RME or Realistic Mathematics Education is a instructional theory in mathematics education that has been developed in Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht the Netherlands since about 30 year ago. This theory has been proved as a promising approach as a reform theory in mathematics education and it has been adapted by many countries such as USA, South Africa, Panama, Japan and Portugal.

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Who is Freudenthal ?

The founder of RME theory. Historically, this theory based on his view about mathematics educatio that mathematics is seen as a human activity and should be connected to real-life situation of students.

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