Athame: The athame is a ritual knife with a
double-edged blade which may be
engraved with various magickal
symbols. The Athame represents the
elements of air. It is used by Witches to
draw circles, to exorcise negative
forces, to control and banish elemental
spirits, and to store and direct energy
during magickal rituals.

Bell: A bell is used by many Witches
to summon spirits or dieties or to signal
the beginning or ending of a ritual.
Oftentimes bells are rung at Wiccan funeral
rites to bless the soul of the
Witch who has crossed over.

Bolline: The bolline is a curved,
white-handled knife which is used
for practical magickal purposes such
as harvesting herbs, cutting a branch
for a wand, inscribing a candle, etc.

Book of Shadows: This is a Witches
personal book of information on spells,
rituals, recipes, invocations, dreams, etc.
kept for a Witch's reference. Another name
for the Book of Shadows is the grimoire.

Cauldron: The cauldron is a black, cast-iron pot
which is used for brewing potions, burning incense
or parchment papers, etc. It symbolizes the elements
of earth, air, fire, and water and represents the divine
womb of the Goddess. Some Witches fill their
cauldrons with water on Samhain night
and use them to gaze into the future or past.

Chalice: The chalice or cup represents the
element of air, and is used to hold wine or
water on the altar during rituals.
Traditionally, the chalice was made of silver,
however many modern Witches use pewter,
ceramic, brass, or even crystal chalices.

Pentacle - The pentacle is a flat disc which may
be made of wood, brass, clay, wax, or other products.
The pentacle is symbolic of the element earth, and
is used during rituals to hold charms, amulets, gemstones,
herbs, poppets, or other consecrated objects.

Sword - The sword generally represents the
element of fire and is a symbol of a Witch's
strength. It is sometimes used in place of
the Athame to cast and uncast the circle.
It may also be used to store and direct energy
during magickal rituals, and to control
and banish elemental spirits.

Wand - The wand is fashioned from the branch
of a tree, and is traditionally 21 inches in length.
It is symbolic of the element of fire, and is used
for directing energy, drawing magickal symbols
into the air or ground, and for various other purposes.