Yevgeny Ivenovitch Zamyatin

the russian revolutionary romantic distopian writer

Welcome to this index to the life and works of Zamyatin. Please take this opportunity to explore and learn more about this important and under represented writer, and the genre he recreated: Distopia.

UPDATE: May 24th 2004 - new summary of Eugene Luther "Gore" Vidal's Messiah on the What is Distopia page.

Discussion forum: All are welcome to come, to view and participate in debates about Zamyatin and his works. I hope this forum will prove a useful venue for those interested in Zamyatin and Distopia to share ideas.

I have already posted three questions about Zamyatin and Distopia which interest me. Please respond to these, or to post new questions of your own.

Discussion forum on Zamyatin and Distopia

For more information on Zamyatin and distopia, please choose some of these locations to visit:

I've never heard of Zamyatin and I'm not sure I should be here.

What is Distopia? - Includes a list of major distopian works - new summary of Messiah added May 24th 2004.
If you know of a distopian work of literature or film not included on this page, please send me a summary and I will be happy to add it to the list.

My Essay on Zamyatin's Life and Works

My Essay on Zamyatin's WE, Orwell's 1984 and Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD

An index to some of Zamyatin's works

Reviews of Zamyatin's Works

Why I made this site

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