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"Li SOL Oficial Site por Rap Lin Rie /World Speedwords: Li Universal _"Parole-Compression" Lingue_ del 64-im Secul por usar in li Nov Millennium de hodie, Li 21-im Secul."

Ordinary writing at Shorthand Speed por omni lingues

This, the only World Brief-Script in existence, breaks down all the present language barriers to free international correspondence between all countries. R. J. G. Dutton

"Another outstanding and attractive feature of Dutton Speedwords [Rap Lin Rie] is the fact that it is the first abbreviated writing invention in history which at once transcribes all languages." ---R. J. G. Dutton

Rap Lin Rie is the nickname I have given to Dutton World Speedwords. Dutton World Speedwords was intended to be an international auxiliary [helper] language that could also be used as a universal shorthand system. This system enables any individual to write at least twice as fast as one writes in his or her native language. This is because the words are COMPRESSED to 50% or better! And, it turns out that it is the perfect email language/shorthand system for the 21st Century. Published in the 1940's, but development started in 1922, Reginald Dutton did not realize he was developing the best email language/shorthand method EVER, bar none, even before email and the web were ever conceived. Dutton was a man well ahead of his time! These pages are here to honor him and his dreams, and to help bring them to pass. We hope you enjoy this unique, wonderful, information. Again, these pages are dedicated to the honor of, and memory of Reginald John Garfield Dutton, 1886-1970, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts from 1918-1969.

His system is a boone to emailers of the 90's, and beyond. Just think, 50% compression without software! Rap Lin Rie, the nickname I have given it, means, in Speedwords, "[Rap]Rapid [Lin]Language [Rie]Shorthand".

"For many years past I have held that it is much easier and more sensible to say 'I be, you be, it be, we be, they be', and that a few auxiliaries and prepositions get rid of such superstitions as tenses and a lot of unnecessary verbs and adjectives.

I do not know whether it was you or Ogden and his Orthological Institute that first attempted to make Pidgin scientific; but both Basic English and your Speedwords are moves in that direction. Not only is the Speedwords ideography scientifically ingenious, but it is very strong on the economic point, so stupidly neglected by all your predecessors. What I am interested in is the enormous quantity of unnecessary manual labour wasted every day in writing, typing,and printing. When we are at peace and The Times is in full blast, it often contains a million words a day. A saving of even ten per cent, would leave 100,000 fewer words to write and set up, to say nothing of a saving in paper." Faithfully, G. Bernard Shaw

"I have reviewed your 'Weekend Shorthand System'. It appears to be a simple and useable tool for anyone involved in education, from student to scholar. Keep up the good work and I wish you success with 'Rap Lin Rie'." Ellen Price, Ph.D., Univ. of AZ.

"I got the parcel sent by u with the 2 books on RLR. They're just great! Thanx a ton. They make for really attractively formatted products! It's very nice that the campaign to promote Rap Lin Rie is getting into full swing! I am sure the world needs it.:)" R. Srikanth, Research Scientist, India

"I have just read with much interest the proposals for an 'International Symbolic Script' which Mr. Dutton makes in the Journal of December 20[1935], and I hope he will send me a copy of the text-book in which he has elaborated a system -- VERY INGENIOUSLY, as one sees on examining the portion of it which I have before me." F.W.G. Foat, D.Lit. Fellow of the RSA [Journal of the Royal Society of Arts, March 13, 1936.]

"Because of its great word economy it could be easily equipped with the type of simplified alphabetic shorthand embodied in R. Dutton's INGENIOUS system of Speedwords." Lancelot Hogben, Editor of Loom of Language, 1944.

"I have used Speedwords for over 40 years now. It has been one of the most worthwhile investments in learning I have ever made. It truly is a TOOL for the individual to use for personal growth and as an international auxiliary method of communication. And, I find it more valuable as each day passes. Dutton certainly did his homework." R.J. Petry, C.L., Lymphologist.

This site is constantly being updated for your enjoyment and learning pleasure. Please return often.

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Use These Speedwords to Increase Your Writing Speed by 25%!

"Short words are best".... Winston Churchill

"Speaking rates: Average college professor... 100-125 words per minute. Fast-talking professor.... 125-175 words per minute. Fastest public speech on record.... 336 words* per minute. [* ...a portion of a speech by Pres. John F. Kennedy, December, 1961.] Therefore, one thing is clear from these numbers:Without learning and using Speedwords you will lose over half of what you hear. Why? Here are our average longhand writing rates. 20-30 words per minute, below-average. 35-50 words per minute, average. 50-60 words per minute, above average." Have you timed your own note taking lately? Well, now you have a fundamental beginning reason to learn Speedwords. The International communication ability will become a side benefit later.

Listed below are the top twelve most frequently used English words with their rap lin rie equivalents. Learn and begin to use them. They, alone, will increase your efficiency by 25%! From now on, all new updates will begin to incorporate these words into this page. Later, several languages of the same words will be added for your learning and enjoyment.

the l, of d, and &, to a, in i, a u, that k, is e, was y, he s, for f, it t.

Well, k e l beginning list & lesson i Rap Lin Rie. If you have comments or questions send email a: raplin@reocities.com

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