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 The Quest For Susannah




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          Devil John Wright


          Mattie's Story


               Bad Talt Hall


 Marshall Benton Taylor


Claib Jones


                   Ira Mullins


William S. Wright



Some of The Story

The Search For The Flemings


Daniel's Hill Fight






Related Events And Other Tales




   Talton Thomas Hall
By Nancy Clark Brown

                      Old Dave Hall....

         Prophetic words from father to son

                     By Judi Wolfe

                      The Tragic Murders of Bill Wright and Little Andy Wright

                       By Ben Luntz



   Elijah "Bad Lige" Wright


   George Washington Wright

             By Nell Blumel


   Traveling John's Mountains

   Wright Family Album

    Wright Family Researcher List 

         And More Wright Pages



   E. A. "Eave" Hopson

         A Man Wrongly Hanged

   The 1885 Jones-Wright Fued"






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