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what is an addict's behavior?

Whatever it is, you've got to have more.
Getting it-- and more of it-- is your top priority as exemplified by your actions. Everything else is expendable.
When you don't get what feeds your addicition, you're upset and angry, and anybody or anything is to blame--
never you.
You are destructive, abusive, defensive and/or aggressive toward your environment and anything who/which
interferes with the successful pursuit of your obsession.
You have unlimited excuses for pursuing your addicition, and are adept and uninhibited about lying to get what
you want.
You become obsessed with controlling others so they serve or always accommodate you and don't interfere with
the pursuit of your addiction(s)-- sometimes to the point of paranoia.

Are these the "ethics" of your employer, elected representative, or your country?
addiction - the real reasons
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