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Quavajo's Awards
Quavajo is profoundly grateful to display these Awards--
and some of the words which accompanied them

Your site was visited today by Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews and your fine work
has earned you HONORABLE MENTION status with Eye Candy. Only 1 in 100
nominations score high enough to receive this award placing your site in estimated
top 15% of all sites currently on the Web. This year we have reviewed over 130,000
sites, and as you can see, the winner's list is pretty short. From an artistic standpoint
the Eye Candy Awards remain the most prestigious form of recognition on the Web.
Steve of Eye Candy WWW Site Reviews

CM award

You have done great work, and I hope you continue to expand.
Your writing style is easy-flowing and understandable, and keeps
the attention. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm very pleased to pass the
Golden Feather to you for your outstanding efforts.

Julia White, of Innerspace

Congratulations!!... Your site definitely qualifies for the "Critical Mass Award".
A very nice site, good design, clever graphics, and your content is informative,
entertaining, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and
positive contribution to the Web.
Bill Darling, of Critical Mass Linkaway2 Internet Information Resource
Congratulations on an excellent site :) Your site becomes the
first Spiritech UK Award Winner! Yours sincerely,
J. S. Gluck, of Spiritech UK

For some it will be a beginning. For others, a visit to Quavajo will be
an inspiration on their continuing journey of enlightenment. It is with
great pride that I present Greg Sipe the
Heaven and Earth Chronicles'
Site of the Week Award [10/19/97] for his creative, useful, and
informative site....
Gigianne Fairhope, of Heaven and Earth Chronicles

I honor your beautiful work and contribution to this true age of
consciousness with our A Source of Light Award. Along with this award
we send our blessings, praying you will continue your heartfelt, enlightening
work. And now that we are linked with you, perhaps we, as a source of
light for unfolding consciousness, will no longer feel like a lonely
candle in a windy cave. Blessings and Love,
Nancy Freier, publisher, The Inner Voice Magazine


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