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  • Online Papers on Consciousness - directory of 300+ essays on consciousness & related topics.
  • Light at the Edge - this page is a short, often highlighted and linked text, leading to 20+ essays illuminating
    aspects of spirit and consciousness-- from Ken Carey and the Starseed Transmissions.
  • The Lucidity Institute - research on the nature & potentials of consciousness and applications to the
    enhancement of human well-being.
  • Advanced Awareness - "the discovery and integration of this awareness is a developmental jump from homo
    to homo novus"... text and downloadable books (Transcendence, Radical Consciousness) essentially
    dealing with growth beyond ego.
  • Gaia Mind - some of this is heavy going even for me, but I highly recommend the essays on
    Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo... and scroll down to the section on "The Magic structure of
    consciousness" in the essay on Jean Gebser .
  • The Politics of Consciousness
  • The Four Yogas of Enlightenment - "The path to self- love and radical sanity is found within meditative
    awareness... a method for the exploration of consciousness through simultaneous mindfulness and analysis of
    consciousness. The goal... is transcendence of the ego, spiritual awakening, and the stabilization and mastery of
    transcendental awareness."
  • Lake Tahoe Wah'kon - "for the serious student seeking to know self", based in part on teachings of the
    Osage tribe, it deals with the "great mystery" of the power of thought.
  • NLP and "The Original Belief Process" NLP is "neuro-linguistic programming".
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