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links listed are either favorites or added because they have something of extra interest--
this list is not intended to be exhaustive. Some links will appear in more than one category,
and sometimes only a special page will be listed. All links listed will take you out of Quavajo.
so don't forget to bookmark!

  • Mkzdk: the universe(s), physics, Gaia, and just-- wow.
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Sumeria: "collection of resources for exploring alternative ideas in health,
    science, and spirituality."
  • Spiritech UK - exploring the edges of the spiritual / technology interface.
  • The Alchemy Virtual Library
  • Levity
  • Circuit Traces - a great post-modern literary & news e-zine.
  • The Wizard's Den - great links here on consciousness studies, alternative science & history, ESP, EMF, PSI,
    and UFOs.
  • The Deoxyribonucleaic Hyperdimension
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