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links listed are either favorites or added because they have something of extra interest--
this list is not intended to be exhaustive. Some links will appear in more than one category,
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  • The New Civilization Network: "Exploring emerging new qualities of life on Planet Earth" - this is a tremendous site
    leading in many directions. Join and take part! More futures here than you'll find anywhere.
  • Global Ideas Bank of the New Civilization Network. Want ideas?-- a zillion here, and I've listed some as links
    elsewhere under their applicable categories.
  • Yes! A Journal of Positive Futures - "Reports from the U.S. & around the world on efforts made toward integrating
    the self, nature, and community life in a responsible way."
  • Osho Commune International - "a small oasis in the desert of the world is what is meant by a commune created
    by a buddha... in which life is lived with a totally different gestalt, with a totally different vision."
  • Design Earth Synergy - "a world-wide network of community co-visionary strategic / action planning centers.
  • Holo World: Blueprint for a Synergetic Society - "a hypothetical society... scalable to any size... built on principles
    that both support pervasive freedom of choice & mechanisms for civilized, synergetic, ecological interaction &
  • The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture
  • Vision for the 21st Century - from HeeSik Song, Korea; an interesting, well-thought-out document.
  • Oceania-- The Atlantis Project - this one is for the separation of economy and state-- capitalist but
    "anti-collectivist". You'll find more info in their documents, and a pretty full description of principles and how
    it is to work in detailed information.
  • Beyond Imagination - "creating the foundations for a new world."
  • Re-Dreaming the American Dream - by Adrian Timothy of Project Earth.com - fascinating article, especially
    when it begins discussing new technologies (and the ones our leaders are ignoring or trying to suppress).
  • This Is Our Body - Adam Trombly on how we can reverse the rush toward killing our planet.
  • Damanhur Federation WelHome Page - a federation of communities in northern Italy with its own social,
    political & economic structure based on the practical application of a spiritual philosophy. In 16 years of work they
    have built a large underground "Temple of Mankind", a place "dedicated to the divine spirit in each one of us." A terrific
    and inspirational site.
  • In Context: A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture - this is a terrific resource full of wide-ranging,
    intelligent articles.
  • Eco-Village Information Service - you'll find them all over the world here, and businesses too.
  • Intentional Communities - the central site.
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